The Blind Side, Michael Lewis

The Blind Side By Michael Lewis


This book is a true story about a boy named Michael Oher. He grows up in a criminal neighborhood where a lot of drugs are going on. As a kid he got taken away from his mom (because his mom was most of the time on drugs) but kept on coming back to her. Eventually the cops stopped trying to take him away from his mom because they could never find him. He grew up and got bigger and bigger but still he thought he was this fast, small, speedy boy. At around High School he had terrible grades and got taken out of every school. His friend’s dad eventually found a school and asked Michael (also known as Big Mike) to come and see it. It was the Briarcrest Christian school. He only got accepted in because he was good at basketball and football and they were willing to give him a shot. One night he had nowhere to sleep (like most other nights) and a family at Briarcrest told him he could spend the night. Night after night he spent there and then he finally moved in. They helped him get into college with a football scholarship and make it to the NFL.d


I enjoyed this book because it made me have so many emotions, and it was not just a football book it was a meaning full book about life. It also taught me a very important lesson. And It was  mostly about sports. I think mostly readers that like sports and a lot of drama will like this.


Check with your mom and/or dad first because it has a lot of talk about drugs, violence, and cursing.


I would rate it 5 Stars out of 5 because of how well it described everything.





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