The cats of Roxville station by Jean Craighead George.

The name of the book I read this summer is The Cats of Roxville Station by Jean Craighead George. The main character is a cat named Ratchet who was mistreated by her owner. She was kicked, locked in the closet, and even went days without food and water. One night Ratchet’s owner went to the river and threw her over the bridge, thinking that it would kill her. But luckily Ratchet survived, got out of the water and wandered into Roxville Station. There she stumbled upon a life full of danger and unexpected kindness.

At Roxville station there is a order of ranking
1. Queennella ( black and white cat)
2. Ice bucket ( white but dirty cat)
3. Flea market ( brown coat matted from fleas)
4. Tatters and Tachometer (black and white sisters)
5. Elizabeth ( a small calico)
6. Rachet ( tiger striped cat)

As she settles into this new life, Rachet begins to work her way up the food chain. She gains new respect from the other cats by challenging Queennella, the head cat. One afternoon, Ratchet crawls through a cracked window and into the basement of a haunted house, owned by a women who hates cats. Little does she know, Mike, a young boy who has tried to befriend Ratchet before, is living there as well.

Suddenly, Ratchet is whirled into a world full of humans, pest control, and fierce predators. If you like action, adventures, drama, and talking animals, then this a book for you.
I rate this book 5 stars.


This book takes place in two different worlds. The human world, and the underground fairy world. The main characters are Artemis Fowl, his bodyguard Butler, and a LEP (Lower Elements Police) officer the elf Holly Short from the underground fairy world. The main problem is the super villain, the pixie Opal Koboi.

Opal has reanimated buried fairy warriors called the Berserkers. She has bonded them to do her bidding. Opal’s master plan is to destroy the humans. But to do that, she must unleash the power of Danu. The main character Artemis Fowl decides he must sacrifice to stop Opal. Of course, no one expected this. Artemis has always been very self preserving, and sort of greedy. Here is a quote announcing that. “Artemis Fowl planned to attack with the one weapon Opal Koboi would never suspect him of possessing: his humanity.”

I found this book funny, intense, and full of suspense. I really enjoyed it. If you like that sort of thing to, you should totally read it. There are also some really surprising moments, of course, but that is to be expected. It’s Artemis Fowl. He always was surprising. I would rate this book ten out of five stars.






The Outcast by John Flanagan

Hal is a very interesting teenager, his dad died fighting. Hal is an Outcast in Skandia. He has one friend named Stig whose father ran away.

It is about to be brotherband training where the 15-year-old boys train to be real warriors. So on the day the choose there brother bands Hal gets the group with all the outcast and he is there leader.

Hal is a very smart kid and is a day ahead of the other two brother bands already. But when it comes to training it gets harder for them and it gets more and more athletic every day.

Soon comes the part on a boat, Hal made his own boat named the Heron. She is different from other Skandia’s boats. And during one race one boat gets stuck and can’t compete brotherband training.

Any mistake they make they could lose. It difficulties is hard to match but eventually the win. And win brotherband training they are rewarded to protect a special artifact for a night. And the one night they’re there it gets stolen. They leave to get it back. Will the get it back or will the die! Read this awesome series to find out.

I really liked this book it was 5 out of 5 stars and is and is awesome because it grips on you like a claw and makes you want to read more. Read this book if you like adventure books and books by John Flanagan.


The BFG By Roald Dahl

My book review is on THE BFG by Roald Dahl. The book is about a girl named Sophie who meets a giant named the BFG. Sophie is an orphan so she is used to being polite and helpful.  One night the BFG kidnaps Sophie because Sophie sees him. The BFG takes Sophie to giant vill. Giant vill is a place that has a yellow ground and no trees. And then Sophie realizes what giants do for their living…

…They eat children up at night…

So of course Sophie wants to make sure that the other mean giants don’t find out about her.

While the BFG isn’t saving other kids, and since he doesn’t eat  other kids, he catches dreams and he gives the good dreams to kids all over the world. Sophie does not want to stay in the place where there are giants because if they find out about her she will be eaten. “Why can’t I just go back to my old orphanage,” Said Sophie. “You can’t go back there because if you do you will tell everyone and then people will try to find us giants,” Said the BFG.

I liked this book because Sophie isn’t the type of girl that gives up quickly and she is very nice. I would recommend this book to people who like adventure and nonsense words like a snozzcumber or a wrilndgritting type of dream. I would rate this book 5 stars .

Divergent by Veronica Roth

This book is called Divergent by Veronica Roth. The main character in the books name is Tris short for Beatrice, she’s the kind of person who goes with any idea. The problem for this character is that she has to past a couple of test and if she does she will stay in her faction ( a faction is a group you choose to live with for the rest of your live when you our 18). This book takes place in a city in the future and if you don’t pass the test , you have to live on the street factionless. This book takes place in a city and the weird thing is that the perimeter is fenced off.


During the book she picks the faction Dauntless and thats the people she’s going to live with the rest of her life unless she doesn’t pass the test. “One choice can transform you”.  One of the test is to box someone and she loses so she almost has to live factionless. When she picks Dauntless her parents think she betrayed them and they don’t like her anymore. Do you think she’s going to pass the test,

if so, read the book.


Even though I didn’t finish this book It’s really good so far. The reason I like this book is because 1 It’s full of action 2 people get hurt and 3 there’s a lot of twist and turns. I would recommend this to people who enjoy a lot of problems and action. I would rate this book a 5 out of 5 stars.



The People of Sparks, by Jeanne DuPrau

The People of Sparks by Jeanne DuPrau is an amazing book.




The main characters are Lina and Doon. Lina is a kind-hearted, curious, nice, surprising, and an adventurous, 12 year old girl. Lina jumped onto a truck to see if she could see a city. She thought that she would be gone for two days, but she was away for twenty-eight days, almost a month. This example is from the first book, The City of Ember. Doon is different in some ways than Lina, and he’s different. Doon is smart,  adventurous, and has a temper. He’s good at figuring things out (read the book to see what I’m saying). In Ember there was something called Assignment Day where the 12 year old kids of Ember are assigned jobs (They take a slip of paper out of a bag and it say’s a job on it, and that’s the job they have for a while.).  When Doon picked his job, he lost his temper and threw down the paper that told him his job in front of the mayor. This is one example of Doon losing his temper. The setting of this book is in the future, and at one point it’s in a city (I think the city’s San Francisco because the book says it’s                                                                                                                                             hilly.)


The people of Ember/The Emberites “leaders” are Lina and Doon. They finally find a city that will take them for 6 months, but after that they are gonna have to build something on their own. One important event was when the Emberites found Lina and Doon. Another was when they found the settlement. Another was when Ben Barlow, a town leaders arm almost fell off.


I really enjoyed the book because it kept me on my toes. I would recommend this book to people who are 8+ because they might not understand it. I would also recommend this book to people who like cliffhangers. I would rate this book infinity stars because I couldn’t put it down.

Freakling, By Lana Krumweide

Freakling, by Lana Krumwiede, Is about a boy named Taemon. He and his family live in a futuristic religious world that in a place called Deliverance, everyone worships “The Heart Of The Earth”.


The Heart Of The Earth AKA, THOTE, gave everyone in Deliverance telekinesis, which they like to call psi. But, some people in this world have other special additional powers, like clairvoyance, for example, the young lady touched her iphone™ and immediately knew who owned it before her. Basically it is when he/she interacts with an object and immediately knows some random piece of information about it.


That is only one of the special powers. Taemon has one of the others. Priests in the THOTE temple arrest and banish people who have special telekinesis. Can Taemon stay safe? Can he even trust his own brother Yens? Read the book to find out.


Unwanteds :Island of fire



This book is called Unwanteds written by Lisa McMann.This takes place on a island called Artime. Artime is an island that is green all over but has a mansion in the middle.  If you have read my other book reviews then you know that the main character is a boy named Alex and his new friends Sky and Crow, and his old friends Meghan, Samheed and Lani. In the third book Alex is under pressure now that the Unwanteds have no food, no water and are looking to Alex for answers. As Alex tries to pull everything together by getting the voice stealing thorn necklace off Meghan and finding Lani and Sameed.

In Quill, another section of the Island, Aaron has been planning an attack on Artime ever since he got a band of people riled up and then when he had taken over as high priestess and kidnapped high priestess haluki. Alex has to now decipher a cryptic note Mr.Today had left at his parting, a riddle:

Follow the dots at the traveling sun

Magnify, focus, every one

Stand enrobed where you first saw me

Utter in order; repeat times three.

“The unwanteds were beginning to starve. He handed it back to Henry and shook his head.”Give it to meg,”he said.”no, wait… to Carina Fathom and her baby. They need it most. Alex swallowed hard a

nd turned away so he wouldn’t be tempted to grab it back again.”  Alex is sacrificing everything for the Unwanteds, so they can live and keep Mr. Todays legend going.

I enjoyed this book because it has twists and turns you would never expect to happen, for example how Megan’s character had the necklace of thorns inserted on her neck and how they kidnapped Governor Haluki. I would recommend thisbook to people who like magical realism, action, adventure and drama. Unwanted would be a book for anyone who like dystopian books. The events in the stories fit like a puzzle piece. I would give this book 4 stars.


The City of Ember, by Jeanne Du Prau

The City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau is an amazing book. The main characters are Lina and Doon, and they’re good friends. Lina is a kind-hearted, curious, nice, surprising, and adventurous, 12 year old girl. Meanwhile, Doon is different in some ways than Lina. Doon is smart, adventurous, and has a temper. He’s good at figuring things out (read the book to see what I’m saying). When Lina and Doon were young, Lina challenged Doon and her friends to climb to the top of the lamp pole.  “Lina could do it all even when the dares got wilder.”   Lina fell and came laughing down to the ground. This shows Lina’s surprising and adventurous nature. In Ember, there was something called Assignment Day where the 12 year old kids of Ember are assigned jobs.  When Doon picked his job, he lost his temper and threw down the paper that told him his job in front of the mayor. This is one example of Doon losing his temper.


The book takes place in the underground city of Ember. It’s a dystopian book.  It is different and better than other dystopian books because this one is suspenseful, but in a good way.  Ember is running out of food, supplies, etc., but mostly light bulbs. Everybody’s afraid that the lights are just going to turn out permanently one day, because they flicker a lot.  If the lights go out, the city will be in complete darkness.  Lina and Doon have other problems. Lina was looking for something she thinks might help the city.  She finds something in a mysterious special box.  She thinks it might be what she is looking for, but it is a big mystery that needs to be solved. Lina and Doon work together to solve the mystery and save the city.  Have they figured it out yet?         I really liked this book because it is funny and weird in some moments. The people of Ember didn’t know what some things were, like ‘boats’ and ‘candles’ for example. One part I really liked was when Lina and Doon found a room full of boats, that were labeled “b”ntstill din’t know what r. I ple who are 8+ nger.I oul also recommend this book to peop le who like cliffhangers, because it ens in a cliffhanger, and the second book is the exact same , but the part 2.

Alex Rider Skeleton Key by Anthony Horowitz.

Alex Rider: Skeleton Key by Anthony Horowitz is about a kid named Alex Rider. Alex is an excited ambitious and stubborn child for example he does not want to go on a mission he will keep a very good argument not to go. When Carver and Troy CIA operatives pretending to be his parents so they can get on to Skeleton Key. Tell him to stay at the hotel he left to check out the island. (Skeleton Key)


The plot is about a man called General Alexei Sarov who has a nuclear bomb and is trying to blow up his home country, Russia. A main part is when alex turns off the bomb. Another Main part is when alex is asked by Alan Blunt tells him that he has to help the CIA and go two Skeleton Key. “You won’t get away with this” Said alex like in anything with a bad guy.


I did enjoy this book because it is exciting, scary, and boring at some parts …………………………………… it’s worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would give this book about 500 out of 5 stars   *****l*******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************