City of Orphans by Avi

imgresThis book is about a newsie named Maks. Obviously he’s a newsie and he needs to get money for his family but there’s this gang called the Plug Uglies. The Plug Uglies steel newsies money. Maks however gets saved by this girl named Willa. Maks is a willing and nice boy and seems to get a lot of friends. The book takes place on the lower east side back in the 1910s.


After a while Maks goes home and his mother tells him that one of his sisters is in jail for ___________ (I don’t want to ruin it). And he has to go save her and he has a detective to help him get his sister out of jail. He has to go to the hotel that his sister worked at and got arrested at and find clues. The reason I know Bruno is mad is because he says “I’m going to get you”. Bruno’s boss is Brunswick. He tells Bruno what to do. Bruno brings the money that he stole to Brunswick.


I loved this book because it’s full of action. I would recommend it to people who like history and action and cliffhangers. I would rate this book a ten because it was even better than 5 stars.