Book Review Guidelines

Write a review about the book you have been reading independently in Google Drive first. After a teacher has edited it and you have made corrections, you are ready to publish on the blog. Don’t forget to add a picture.

Follow these guidelines carefully. You can organize the paragraphs however you wish or you can use the guidelines below. If you choose to organize the review in a different way, you still must include the bullet points below somewhere in your review. It should be an example of your best work.

1) In the first paragraph include:
– the title and author.
– the main characters.
– the main character’s traits and examples to back up those traits
– the setting of the book

2) In the second paragraph include:
– more details about the main character(s) and their problems
– more details about the plot with two or three important events
– a quote from the book to back up your ideas

3) In the third paragraph include:
– whether you enjoyed the book or not, back this up with examples.
– a few sentences telling to whom you would recommend the book and why.
– a rating of your book from one star to five stars. Five stars is the best.

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