Abarat Book Report

When Candy stumbles upon a strange humanoid creature with horns that hold eight heads, he claims he comes from the Abarat. Another world That’s separated into 25 islands, and each island is based on another hour. But Candy is the first person from Earth, or the Hereafter in Abarat terms, in centuries, so she is the center of attention, and that’s not always good, especially when your in the Abarat and there is a war going on.                            Then there’s the 25 hour, the time out of time, but you’ll learn about that when you read the book.

murder on the orient express by Agatha Christie

Murder on the Orient Express is by Agatha Christie it is about a detective named Hercule Poirot who is traveling on the luxury train line the Orient Express. All of a sudden the train gets stuck in a snowstorm. Then the detective finds out that a rich American on the train named Mr. Ratchett has been murdered in the middle of the night. The murderer had to be one of the passengers in Poirot’s coach. What will happen next…?


When Poirot goes to the scene of the murder(Mr. Ratchett’s cabin) he finds a piece of paper that says “…member little Daisy Armstrong…” . Daisy Armstrong was the kidnapped and murdered daughter of an extremely rich american family. After finding this scrap of paper Poirot concludes that the rich American man Mr. Ratchett’s real name is Casetti. Casetti was the name of the infamous murderer and gang leader who killed Daisy. After inspecting the site of the murder, Poirot interviews all the people on the train to see what they know about the murder. But Poirot gets nowhere with the case. Then Poirot decides to inspect the luggage of all the passengers. Still after inspecting they luggage he has no new information. So Poirot sits down to think over what he does know.

If I was to tell you anymore of the book I would spoil it and it would be no fun to read. So I have decided not to write any more. The book is great and I hope you read it.I would rate it 5 out of 5 stars.  *****

Masterpiece by Elise Broach

51iTSvM1fBL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_This book is called Masterpiece written by Elise Broach and illustrated by Kelly Murphy. The main characters are a shiny black beetle named Marvin and an eleven year old boy named James. The book takes place in New York City, sometimes at James’s house (where Marvin lives) and sometimes at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Marvin drew an amazing pen and ink illustration and by accident James took all the credit. Now James is expected to draw more illustrations but he can’t do it without Marvin’s help.


Marvin and James became really good friends because they would always travel together on wild journeys to The Met and they would collaborate all the time on new drawings. Marvin was sneaking out of the apartment again and again to go to the Met. The streets of New York City are not meant for a little beetle. Everyone in Marvin’s family was really anxious because he was unprotected in the big city.  Albrecht Dürer, who is a famous pen and ink artist is a very important part of this story. Christina, a woman who worked at The Met, has crazy ideas. She thought if James could make a forgery of Albrecht Dürer’s famous drawing then she could use the fake drawing to catch the real criminal who stole the other drawings. James and Marvin work together to find the drawings. “And Prudence! And Temperance! They’ve been missing for more than two years.” Prudence and Temperance are two of Dürer’s drawings.


I really enjoyed this book because I love art and drawings and I also like the four virtues that Dürer drew (a set of four drawings including Prudence and Temperance). I would recommend this book to people who like art and books that almost every chapter is a cliffhanger and you just don’t want to stop reading. I would rate this book five stars because I love art and even if it was complicated I really enjoyed how the whole story connected together and at the end you could connect all the steps together and understand everything.


Knightly and Son by Rohan Gavin

imgresMy mom bought me this book when she was in London. It is a mystery novel about a 13 year old boy named Darkus who has a strange fondness for tweed coats. Alan Knightly, his father, is London’s top private detective. He went into a coma four years ago in the middle of a case about a secret criminal organization called The Combination. The Code is a best selling book that may be linked to The Combination that’s making regular people commit crimes. One day a stranger from the Department of the Unexplained arrives with news of his father, and that’s just the beginning…

Darkus’s mother, Jackie, divorced Alan and married Clive Palmer. A very lazy, ugly, and rude man. Clive’s daughter, Matilda (Tilly) is the same age as Darkus and is very good at science. You will find more characters as you read the book.

My favorite part of the book is when Tilly looks from her window and light is shining in a weird way and she finds out it’s Morse Code.  Tilly goes on her computer and translates the light flashes to find out they mean, “S.O.S. Come asap. Darkus. S.O.S. Come asap. Darkus.” I like that part because I thought it was really cool that she figured it out so quickly and that Darkus knew Morse Code. The only thing I didn’t like about the book is that the author would explain one thing for a long time.

I would recommend this book to people who like mysteries because it is about a detective and his son. Secondly, you can read it in a week or two because it’s 330 pages long. Lastly, I would like to say that the whole book is typed in british slang.

I would rate this book out of .

The Name Of This Book Is Secret, by Pseudonymous Bosch

This book is called The Name Of This Book Is Secret, by Pseudonymous Bosch. In this book there are two main characters, one named Cass and one named Max-Ernest. Cass is very different than Max-Ernest. Cass is something called a survivalist. She never leaves home without her backpack. Her backpack has lot of survival stuff in it such as a first aid kit, rope, matches, and things like that. Max-Ernest on the other hand is a kid who never stops talking. Together they are uncovering a mystery of a magician who died in  a fire/maybe “fire”.

The main characters go through many challenges throughout the book, but one of them is two creepy characters. Their names are Mrs. Mauvis and Dr. L. They are a married couple and again they are really creepy. They do lot of things to make Cass and Max-Ernest’s lives a lot harder. A better summery of the plot is in the beginning Cass and Max-Ernest go into the magician’s house and find things out. After that things get complicated. Basically, I don’t want to give any spoilers, but people go missing, characters read things, and finally things get solved. A quote from the book is “I am looking for Toxic Waste.” I like this quote because It pimagesroves that Cass is brave.

I really enjoyed the book because it had the perfect amount of everything. Description, a good use of words and things like that. For example there was a part of the book where the principal got really mad at Cass so the narrator said that was the maddest Cass had ever seen a principal. He/She didn’t go on and on explain how exactly how the principal looked. I also enjoyed the book because it is a really good story in general. It had lots of twists and turns in the plot, but it wasn’t confusing at all. There were also lots of parts where I felt like I was in the story. The author did a really good job of drawing me in. I would recommend this book to someone who likes a good mystery because this book is just a really good mystery. You know? I would give this book a five out of five star rating.

The Glass Sentence

The Glass Sentence by S.E grove is a book about a girl named Sophie Tims.It is the story of an adventure through time and places all over New Occident. Sophie lives in Boston in the country called New Occident.The book takes place in no real time because in 1799 something called The Great Disruption which put every country into another time period. Sophie is taken care by her uncle Shadrack because her mom and dad went missing when she was young. Sophie is very talented as well, she is a scout adventure.


The story is about her adventure with a boy named Theo. Together they travel to different countries scattered in different times to find the cause of the Great Disruption while looking for her uncle. They pay lot of attention to a map made by Shadrack that tells of memories when you touch it. For example when Sophie says in chapter 9 “I had no idea she had such a terrible story in her past”.  That’s when Sophie was  leaving at that time to find her uncle, she seemed scared leaving her home.


I would rate this book 5 stars, its really good. The best part to me was when the story finally got to the adventure and kicked up. I also liked when Sophie was brave and when she worked hard no matter what.   I would recommend this book to people who like confusing books, because it can be confusing. I hope you read this book you will probably enjoy it.


Cordially Uninvited, by Jennifer Roy

cordially-uninvitedThis book is called Cordially Uninvited. The main characters are Claire and her cousin, the prince of England’s on again off again girlfriend, Belle. But know the prince and Belle are getting married and Claire is going to be a junior bridesmaid. The book takes place in England.

Let’s not forget about the other junior bridesmaid,Pandora, and her crazy old aunt,Cornelia. Pandora thinks she should be marrying the prince and Cornelia tells Pandora that she put a curse on Belle and the wedding will not make it.

Then there is the family of the Symonds who’s older boy, Tristan, is Claire’s crush and the younger sister Thalia. They think that the wedding should go on.

I loved this book because it is in 1st person, I love 1st person because you get to know the character better, and it is realistic fiction with a hint of mystery. I would recommend this to people who like England, the royal family and royal weddings. I would rate this ***** out of *****.

The Candymakers By Wendy Mass

The Candymakers is a great summer reading book by Wendy Mass. It’s about 4 kids competing in the annual candy contest, and whoever has the best candy wins.They all visit the candy factory, which leads to some very interesting mishaps. It changes their points of view all through the book, like Wonder. The big question is: Who will win?

 Logan, the candymaker’s son, who has mysterious scars on his face and hands?

Miles, who talks of Afterlife and his weird allergies?

Philip, the stuck-up suit-and-tie wearing boy who has a secret notebook he’s always scribbling in?

Daisy, a pretty girl with a big secret?

Even though the kids are competing, they become very good friends. But during the contest, the friends realize things are not what they seem. Each of the contestants have a secret, some bigger than others, but hiding their secrets makes big trouble, including stealing and hiding in potato sacks, but all is put right in the end.

Of course, all the contestants loved viewing the candy factory, and were surprised at how many rooms there were. All except Logan, who had lived there all his life. “Logan wondered what it must feel like to be seeing the factory for the first time. He tried to pretend he’d never seen the machine that was now compressing the nibs into a gooey cocoa powder. Or the one that ground up up the rest of the bean into a fine brown powder. Alas, he couldn’t do it.” Wendy Mass writes.

I loved this book, and it’s my favorite Wendy Mass book I’ve read so far. I like this book because it’s about candy, and I LOVE candy. I also like it because it’s by Wendy Mass, and she’s so creative when she describes the candy. I also like this book because there are lots of secrets, and it’s fun to try to work them out in your head.

I think people who don’t like candy should read this, because this book will make you like candy. Wendy Mass makes candy sound SO GOOD. She wrote, “All that silky, warm chocolate and those buckets of gooey marshmallows and those freshly baked graham crackers.” to describe a s’more. I would rate this book 100 stars if I could because I used to like candy, but now I LOVE candy!

Al Capone Shines My Shoes by Gennifer Choldenko

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 9.34.22 PMThis book review is going to be about the book Al Capone Does My Shirts. The book was written by Gennifer Choldenko. The book is about a boy that lives on Alcatraz, the worst prison to be on at thetime. As you might have guessed there are ups and downs when you are living around the worst criminals in America. Alcatraz is basically a gigantic rock (or island) covered in cement, topped with bird crap.


The main characters name is Moose, short for Matthew. He is very solidly built, nice to everyone except for the warden’s daughter named Piper. For example he is constantly hanging out with a 7 year old that likes him. When he first gets to the island he is sent to the warden’s office to promise to help the wardens daughter carry her projects to and from school. It turns out that Piper is more trouble than Moose thought.


Within the first few hours of school Piper has broken her dad (the warden’s) rule about not talking about living on Alcatraz. Also she makes people pay to have their laundry done by the criminals but then won’t pay the people who helped her do it.


In the beginning of the book you think that Al Capone is really bad but he is actually pretty nice to moose. For example one time Moose goes to the sell house and Al is complimenting him. He also helps Natalie Moose’s sister to go to a school for children with autism. He asks Al Capone to help her get in.


One quote from Piper is,”You won’t get any of the money we make.”. So to conclude this book review the book is about how Moose will keep a good record with the grownups and a good relationships with the children on the island. I recommend it if you like mystery and adventure, a fast moving book, or a book about living near a prison. I would rate this book 100 stars out of 5. ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************* Ok that might not be 100 but it is pretty close to it.


Liesl and Po

Liesl & Po  is a adventurous book by Lauren Oliver. The book takes place in the underworld and on Earth. This book is about a girl named Liesl she loves to draw. Liesl’s problem is her dad just died and she’s locked in her room in the attic, and she is bored.  In the attic she was ambitious when she asked a ghost to find her dad. One night a ghost comes to see Liesl to see her draw. But she was too sad to draw that night. That’s when the story begins.

But this draws two boy’s attention to Liesl, an assistant for an alchemist and boy named Po who happens to be the ghost “Can you find my dad?” Liesl asked, Po said, “Yes in return for a drawing.” (You will find out more if you read it). The assistant alchemist  falls in love with her. Liesl doesn’t find out for a while. When Liesl finds out it gets more dangerous because the assistant is carrying a package that may or may not go to into the right hands. (That package has a lot to do with magic).


I enjoyed this book alot because it takes you on a wild story. It also has some romance. this book makes everything more strange about  ghost. I would rate this book  . This book is good for you if magic is what you want.