This book takes place in two different worlds. The human world, and the underground fairy world. The main characters are Artemis Fowl, his bodyguard Butler, and a LEP (Lower Elements Police) officer the elf Holly Short from the underground fairy world. The main problem is the super villain, the pixie Opal Koboi.

Opal has reanimated buried fairy warriors called the Berserkers. She has bonded them to do her bidding. Opal’s master plan is to destroy the humans. But to do that, she must unleash the power of Danu. The main character Artemis Fowl decides he must sacrifice to stop Opal. Of course, no one expected this. Artemis has always been very self preserving, and sort of greedy. Here is a quote announcing that. “Artemis Fowl planned to attack with the one weapon Opal Koboi would never suspect him of possessing: his humanity.”

I found this book funny, intense, and full of suspense. I really enjoyed it. If you like that sort of thing to, you should totally read it. There are also some really surprising moments, of course, but that is to be expected. It’s Artemis Fowl. He always was surprising. I would rate this book ten out of five stars.






The Blood Guard By Carter Roy

This summer I read the book, The Blood Guard by Carter Roy. It takes place in Brooklyn, and an anonymous urban/suburban area. The main characters are Evelyn (Ronan) Truelove, Greta, Ronan’s redheaded old classmate and Jack Dawkins, a member of the blood guard and teenaged pickpocket. In the beginning of the book there was a prologue.  Ronan stayed home sick for school. And the house mysteriously got set on fire… He evacuated safely after leaping of the roof of his house. The main problem begins when Ronan gets picked up from his new school (because he moved after his house blew up) by his mom and she told him that his dad got kidnapped and they got chased by the “police”. They actually are not police.



That was a lot of information. Let me get down to the basics. There are 36 Pure human beings who always, every single time do the right thing. If one of them dies, something really bad happens to the world. WWII happened because one of the Pure died. They are the glue that keeps together the world.


By the way, the people who kidnapped Ronan’s nerdy dad were the people who were chasing Ronan’s mom, Bree, and Ronan. Yeah, those people I called “police” are actually agents of a bad guy group called the Bend Sinister. They believe that the world is horrible and they want a new start where they are the only people in the world left and then they can start anew. They are basically terrorists. “HOW IN THE WORLD CAN YOU GET RID OF BILLIONS OF PEOPLE BUT YOU!!!??,” You might be asking yourself. The answer is simple. Assassinate the 36 Pure.


The good guys in this book are, of course, the Blood Guard. They are people who dedicate their lives to protect the Pure. Bree is one of the Blood Guard. And much more characters you discover are too! Throughout the book the Bend Sinister chase Ronan for an unknown reason. There is a lot more, I just don’t want to spoil it. Come on, do yourself a favor and read this fantabulous book. The problem does get resolved,  and I’m talking about almost everything I mentioned. Almost…


(PS, I couldn’t find a quote to say that the problem was resolved.)



Here are my ratings of this awesome book. I enjoyed reading it over a weekend not in 2 hours like I do with some books. I also enjoyed the book because it was medium paced. It does not have many cliffhangers, and you can put it down whenever you want which is not always the case with some books. I would recommend this book to an action adventure and humor reader that has a fair amount of time on his/her hands. I say this because it is not a skinny book but it is not as fat as War and Peace or Moby Dick so you will probably finish it in a few days if you keep at it. I would rate this book four out of five stars.


Spelling B and The Missing Magic, By Lexi Connor

My book is called Spelling B And the Missing Magic by Lexi Connor. The main characters are a girl named B her best friend George and their substute  teacher mr bishop. B’s main problem is that her whole family has a magic powers and she does not. When B’s class has a spelling bee and the prize are behind the scenes tickets to a concert with a band called the black cats weird things keep happening after B spells a word. then the prize tickets go missing and everyone starts to worry and B needs to find them.


I think without that small little scene where mr bishop says we are having a spelling B is a big but small event because without the spelling b the rest of the more fun events wouldent happen in this book B does make a big desision but I am not going to say because it will spoil the book. At the end B‘s problem gets resolved! “I have to miss spell it, their is no other way. Bye-bye tickets.”   


I loved my book it was fun, funny and magical. A reader who likes a book about mgic and fantasy and realistic ficton tied together in one  would like this book becaure the is B and B’s family who are magical and the rest of it is normal town normal school and a little bit of freindship. I would rate this book 4 & ½ stars!     

Freakling, By Lana Krumweide

Freakling, by Lana Krumwiede, Is about a boy named Taemon. He and his family live in a futuristic religious world that in a place called Deliverance, everyone worships “The Heart Of The Earth”.


The Heart Of The Earth AKA, THOTE, gave everyone in Deliverance telekinesis, which they like to call psi. But, some people in this world have other special additional powers, like clairvoyance, for example, the young lady touched her iphone™ and immediately knew who owned it before her. Basically it is when he/she interacts with an object and immediately knows some random piece of information about it.


That is only one of the special powers. Taemon has one of the others. Priests in the THOTE temple arrest and banish people who have special telekinesis. Can Taemon stay safe? Can he even trust his own brother Yens? Read the book to find out.


Unwanteds :Island of fire



This book is called Unwanteds written by Lisa McMann.This takes place on a island called Artime. Artime is an island that is green all over but has a mansion in the middle.  If you have read my other book reviews then you know that the main character is a boy named Alex and his new friends Sky and Crow, and his old friends Meghan, Samheed and Lani. In the third book Alex is under pressure now that the Unwanteds have no food, no water and are looking to Alex for answers. As Alex tries to pull everything together by getting the voice stealing thorn necklace off Meghan and finding Lani and Sameed.

In Quill, another section of the Island, Aaron has been planning an attack on Artime ever since he got a band of people riled up and then when he had taken over as high priestess and kidnapped high priestess haluki. Alex has to now decipher a cryptic note Mr.Today had left at his parting, a riddle:

Follow the dots at the traveling sun

Magnify, focus, every one

Stand enrobed where you first saw me

Utter in order; repeat times three.

“The unwanteds were beginning to starve. He handed it back to Henry and shook his head.”Give it to meg,”he said.”no, wait… to Carina Fathom and her baby. They need it most. Alex swallowed hard a

nd turned away so he wouldn’t be tempted to grab it back again.”  Alex is sacrificing everything for the Unwanteds, so they can live and keep Mr. Todays legend going.

I enjoyed this book because it has twists and turns you would never expect to happen, for example how Megan’s character had the necklace of thorns inserted on her neck and how they kidnapped Governor Haluki. I would recommend thisbook to people who like magical realism, action, adventure and drama. Unwanted would be a book for anyone who like dystopian books. The events in the stories fit like a puzzle piece. I would give this book 4 stars.


The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland In A Ship Of Her Own Making By Catherynne M. Valente

The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland In A Ship Of Her Own Making is a very complicated but awesome book by Catherynne M. Valente. September, an ordinary 12 year old girl, is tired of washing pink teacups and playing with the same small amiable dog, and longs for adventure, the kind of adventure girls have in fairy tales. But she can’t find very much of that in Omaha, Nebraska. That’s why when the green wind rides up on a leopard and asks if September wants to go to Fairyland, she immediately accepts. (Wouldn’t you?) But there’s trouble in Fairyland, and September needs to sort it all out; and of course, there is fun included.


Through all her problems and adventures, September has always had friends to help her. All, strange, yes, one being made out of soap, another being half dragon half library. And she’s made many sacrifices along the way for other creature’s benefits, including trading her shadow for a pooka girl’s safety. She also has visited some very strange cities, like a city where it’s always Autumn, and a city made out of yarn. “I wonder if every city in Fairyland is made of some strange thing?” is all September can say when she steps through the bread gates of a town made all out of golden-brown baked goods.


I thought I wouldn’t like this book at first because I thought it was one of those magical-land books where the character goes on the same boring old-fashioned adventures, wishes to go home, and gets home. But it’s more of a mix between a book of riddles and The Wizard of Oz, with the bad parts of each taken out. So I would recommend this book to people who like both. I like both, and I loved this book, though at some points it got a little too crazy to understand the direction of the story. I would rate this book 4 stars because I loved it, but it was hard to understand at some points and it got a little boring towards the middle. But don’t stop reading in the beginning, because that’s what I did, but my mom told me to keep reading, and it got better.

P.S: The book’s as good as the title!


Spirits in the Park, By Scott Mebus

warning this is a second book in the series


Rory has known about Mannahatta, the Native American world, for a very long time. Rory is a really good basketball player, he is strong, filled with passion and loves everything. “The boy can’t relax.” Says Rory’s sister. Rory is known as the light because he can see the spirits. The spirits world is mixed with the normal world and the gods who ruled New York City in its early days.


Only a month ago is when the earthquake struck. The earthquake affected him and his family. And then Sergeant Kiffer takes Rory to his place which is a not very good bar. This is no ordinary earthquake, though. Is it New York City attempting at breaking the Trap around Central Park that holds the in the Munsee Indians? Or is it something else?


The Trap must open or the balance between Mannahatta and Manhattan will be destroyed! And only Rory can open it. But will Rory take help from his newfound friends, including the band of children of the gods? A.K.A the Rattle Watch?


The book includes encounters with some of New York most famous figures, including Washington Irving, Captain Kidd and Bill the Butcher who will help Rory figure out how to do that. And the answer may just surprise him. . . .


I give this a book a 3 out of 5 stars because I was not on the tip of my toes the whole time. I like books that have a dangerous corner every page of the book. I read the first and that was much different. Things happened after one thing was resolved. This book isn’t half as good as the first.

The School For Good And Evil By Soman Chainani

My book was called The School For Good And Evil. It is by Soman Chainani. The main characters are Sophie, ( A beautiful young girl who loves pink, and is very nice,) and Agatha ( who is a sort of hag and she is not very nice at first.)  Sophie and Agatha are best friends. The setting of most of the book is the two schools. One for the good, the other for the evil.


“ Sophie had waited all her life to be kidnapped.”  That was the sentence that drew me in and made me want to read more of it. In the book, every four years, two children are kidnapped. One is beautiful and beloved, the other dark and evil. One is taken for good, the other for evil.


I really enjoyed this book because it was very funny. One funny thing was when the Circus was happening. The circus is when both schools get together to show off their talents.  I would recommend this book to people who like silliness, and magical fantasy In this book, the girls are up against each other, and the legendary School Master whom no one has ever seen, or so people think.. I would rate this book five *’s out of 4 *’s. This is a really great book and I loved it because it was funny, and insperational.


The Titan’s Curse by Rick Riordan


imgresThe Titan’s Curse by Rick Riordan is in my favorite series of all time, The Olympians Series! The main characters are: Percy Jackson son of Poseidon, Grover Underwood the satyr, Annabeth Chase daughter of Athena, Thalia Grace daughter of Zeus, and Bianca and Nico di Angelo. The setting is Camp Half Blood. And everywhere they go on the quest.

Percy is in the car with Annabeth and Thalia, and of course his mom is telling embarrassing stories from when he was a baby. Anyway, Percy, Annabeth, and Thalia are on their way to a military school called Westover Hall because Grover told them that he found two half-bloods. (Half Greek God half human). When Percy finally finds the two di Angelo kids, they are gone and so are his friends.

My favorite part of the book is when Percy, Annabeth, Thalia, Grover, and Zöe are a the Hoover Dam and Percy, Annabeth, Thalia, and Grover are saying, “ I’m going to buy some Dam french fries. And I’m going to use the Dam bathroom! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!” And Zöe talks in thou thee language and she doesn’t get it.

To find out what happens next, READ THE BOOK!!!! I  DARE YOU!!!!(I recommend reading the first and second book before this…)

I recommend this book to people who like to get sucked into books, magical realism, realistic fiction, action, and adventure. I rate this book (100 stars)  but I can only do  so that will do.

UNWANTEDS: Island of silence by Lisa McMann

Unwanteds: Island of Silence is a series of three books about a boy named Alex Stowe and his twin brother, Aaron Stowe.One year ago Alex was purged, the purge is when 12 year olds get sorted into groups of Unwanteds,Wanteds and Necessaries. Unwanteds are13406329 kids who are creative and think outside the box. Necessaries are kids that could have been Unwanteds, but had a certain skill for farming or cleaning so they were kept to do the dirty work for the wanteds. The Wanteds are the kids who stay inside the box and listen to the rules, and never question the authority.


Now that they have changed the rules completely, since governor Haluki became is in charge, the gate between the Wanteds and the Unwanteds are down and now the Necessaries are coming over to Artime. Where all the Unwanted lived over the years, for the life they never got to live. Now the Wanteds spoiled life gets snatched out of their hands and they have become restless with anger, as they put through the test of survivor. When they ask Governor Haluk why they are not getting food, his response is to go pick your own food. The Wanteds are not happy and they’re taking dramatic actions! But I guess, that “drastic times calls for drastic measures.”


During this crisis, Alex is facing new problems other than his brother. When two teenagers appear, with orange eyes, Alex is thrown into a maze of finding who these teenagers are and protecting Artime. My favorite quote is when Alex and Lani starts to smile and then Lani asks him why they are smiling and he says” We are awesome” (p.178).


I really enjoyed this book because it had magical realism in it, for example they live on an island but they have magic spells. I would recommend this book to somebody who likes either Hunger Games or Harry Potter or books in that genre. I would say this is 4.