The Blind Side, Michael Lewis

The Blind Side By Michael Lewis


This book is a true story about a boy named Michael Oher. He grows up in a criminal neighborhood where a lot of drugs are going on. As a kid he got taken away from his mom (because his mom was most of the time on drugs) but kept on coming back to her. Eventually the cops stopped trying to take him away from his mom because they could never find him. He grew up and got bigger and bigger but still he thought he was this fast, small, speedy boy. At around High School he had terrible grades and got taken out of every school. His friend’s dad eventually found a school and asked Michael (also known as Big Mike) to come and see it. It was the Briarcrest Christian school. He only got accepted in because he was good at basketball and football and they were willing to give him a shot. One night he had nowhere to sleep (like most other nights) and a family at Briarcrest told him he could spend the night. Night after night he spent there and then he finally moved in. They helped him get into college with a football scholarship and make it to the NFL.d


I enjoyed this book because it made me have so many emotions, and it was not just a football book it was a meaning full book about life. It also taught me a very important lesson. And It was  mostly about sports. I think mostly readers that like sports and a lot of drama will like this.


Check with your mom and/or dad first because it has a lot of talk about drugs, violence, and cursing.


I would rate it 5 Stars out of 5 because of how well it described everything.





Marlowe Glass







The Greatest, Walter Dean Myers

The Greatest byWalter Dean Myers is a great and fantastic biography about Muhammad Ali


This book is about Muhammad Ali Walter amazing and great life and how he becomes the Heavyweight champion. Muhammad Ali is not just any sports player, he is special and went through a lot of things such as being drafted into the army and growing up in louisiana.

I enjoyed this book so much because as all of you know I love sports and I love reading biographies about sports players. I like reading about sports players because they are not fiction and they do not slay dragons. Also one night I might be reading about them and the next night they might score 50 points.

My favorite quote from Muhammad Ali is “Float like a butterfly sting like a bee.” Because of how descriptive and braggy it is about how he plays, He is very elegant and can move swift and speedy but can also give you a good blow in the face if you are not looking. And that describes his quote.imgres-1

I would rate this book 5 stars out of 5 because of the great story telling by the author

Victor Cruz Out Of The Bluew, Victor Cruz and Peter Schrager

imgresVictor Cruz Out Of The Blue by Peter Schrager and Victor Cruz is a Fantastic book because it gives you a good feeling and makes you love Victor Cruz.

This book is about Victor Cruz growing up to become a big NFL Star and his journey. He started in a small town and now is known world wide. He faces life changing problems and and struggled academically

I loved this book because as you know I want to play in the NBA. The chances are I’m probably not going to. But this book pretty much tells you that if you believe in something and you really want it you might actually get it. Although this book has a few things inappropriate for our age I think a lot of people should read it. Even if they don’t like sports you will learn to follow your dreams and just love Victor cruz.

Just to let you know not all fourth graders will like this book, but I hope you do.

I would rate this book 1,000 out of 5 because it is so inspiring and just a great overall book And all of you I hope will like it because it teaches you a lot of things such as,

This book is autobiography just to let you know.


Justin Case, Rachel Vail

Justin Case is a great book all about school drama, life drama, and realistic stuff that you and me would go through.

It is about a boy named Justin who is scared of being in school this year. His teacher starts giving challenges of who can have the nicest behavior. He gets so fed up he wants to move away. Follow along as he talks about this year.


I like this book because it is in a diary format and it is a quick paced kind of book. For example 50 days could go by in 25 pages and you would be not stopping a single bit.


I love this book because this character is always worried about the future and never focused on right now. He always gets scared and is again just so worried about everything, thats why they call him Justin Case.


I would rate this book 4 stars out of 5 because of all the good writing and plot.


Please read this book because it is FANTASTIC


The Real Boy by, Anne Ursu

The Real Boy was a awesome book it had a lot of fantasy mixed in with some magic spells and battles.


The book is about a boy named Oscar who is working for a master magician named Caleb. Caleb leaves to go to the continent a meeting I guese  and leaves Oscar in charge. Oscar does not know how to communicate because he has lived in the cellar for all his life making potions and collecting herbs so he has trouble running the shop. After a while kids start getting sick. Oscar starts freaking out because it is a magic town and they are not suppose to be sick. Will Oscar cure them and save the town or will he fail at saving the kids and the whole Barrow.


This book was a great book I loved it. Some parts were sad and I wanted to cry but sometimes I would be on my tippy toes because it was exciting

My favorite part was when Oscar did not know how to speak to the towns people and it was funny because he was kind of weird at that part.


I would rate this book 1 million stars out of 5. It was great in and out when I closed the book I felt like I was going to cry.

I would recommend this for kids who are into fantasy and magic and monsters and battles.images

Alexander Baddenfield, John Bemelmans Marciano

The 9 lives of Alexander Baddenfield had a very, very, very slow start but got an exciting twist and a great plot after the first 30 or so pages.

Alexander is a boy who wants nine lives because if his family curse. He is rich so he asks a doctor to get him 9 lives. After he gets the nine lives he starts wasting his lives until he is down to one. See what happens to him next if you read the book.

I would rate this 4 stars out of 5

It was Great

Marlowe Glass calls it “A good read”

And thats how I see it Bye

Divergent By Veronica Roth


This book takes place in a future time period where there are factions. A faction is a group of people who believe or follow the same ideas. Here are some of the factions; Erudite the Intelligent, Abnegation the Selfless, Dauntless the Brave, Candor the Honest, and Amity the Peaceful.

 The book starts out in a time of year when teenagers pick their factions. Beatris (the main character) wants to stay with her family in Abnegation but she is not selfless enough (a quality required to be in Abnegation) so she is not fit for that faction. Before the teenagers pick there factions they take a simulation test in their mind. Their brains are actually injected with serum for this test. The test is suppose to tell you what faction you are best suited for. When Beatris takes the test she gets a  result of 3 different factions she is suited for, which is rare. This is called being Divergent. After difficult thinking, she picks Dauntless and then the action begins!

 Beatris then goes through a learning process of being Dauntless. Then she finds out secrets of factions that might change the world.

 I really enjoyed this book because it was full of action.

I would recommend this book for ages 14 and up SO IF YOU’RE READING THIS REVIEW DON’T READ THE BOOK!

So thats how Marlowe see’s this  hope you enjoyed it.

Joshua Dread, Lee Bacon

Joshua Dread is a great adventure book with action packed exploding superpowers and super heros. I would recommend this book to eight and up.

The book is about Joshua and his parents who are villains then he figures out he has a superpower and meets a girl who has a superpower but her dad is a superhero and Joshuas parents and the girl Sophies dad are rivals.

I would recommend this book a 4 out of five stars because the plot kept making me want to read it and they had good cliff hangers befor chapters started an in the next chapter you would figure out the cliffhanger.


The Forgotten Door, By Alexander Key

The Forgotten Door is a great adventure with many different twists keeping you on your toes.


Little Jon walks into a door/portal that sends him to a different planet (Earth). He falls and does not remember anything. But a family picks him up and drives him to their house and takes care of him. Later on they realize he can read minds and he tells people that in court when he gets blamed for stealing something. All of a sudden everyone wants to get a look at the mindreader. How will Little Jon get back to his own planet find out when you read it.

My favorite part is when everyone hears he’s a mind reader and gets scared.

Personally I did not enjoy the book so much.

I would rate this book 2 out of 5 stars.

I recommend this for 8 and up.

So if you like a cool adventure through space and a fun ending this is the book for you.