Cordially Uninvited, by Jennifer Roy

cordially-uninvitedThis book is called Cordially Uninvited. The main characters are Claire and her cousin, the prince of England’s on again off again girlfriend, Belle. But know the prince and Belle are getting married and Claire is going to be a junior bridesmaid. The book takes place in England.

Let’s not forget about the other junior bridesmaid,Pandora, and her crazy old aunt,Cornelia. Pandora thinks she should be marrying the prince and Cornelia tells Pandora that she put a curse on Belle and the wedding will not make it.

Then there is the family of the Symonds who’s older boy, Tristan, is Claire’s crush and the younger sister Thalia. They think that the wedding should go on.

I loved this book because it is in 1st person, I love 1st person because you get to know the character better, and it is realistic fiction with a hint of mystery. I would recommend this to people who like England, the royal family and royal weddings. I would rate this ***** out of *****.