Mouse and the motorcycle, By Beverly Cleary

Mouse and the motorcycle, is about a mouse named ralph who is up for adventure and goes  out of the mouse hole,thinking its a breeze out in room 215 at the mountain view inn, but then Ralph finds a motorcycle and wants to figure out how to work it,but then he meets kieth the boy who is visiting the hotel in room 215.So read mouse and the motorcycle! and find out what happens.

And I rate it four stars.

Ellen Tebbits, By Beverly Cleary

The title of this book is called Ellen Tebbits by Beverly Cleary. The main character is Ellen Tebbits. The setting is in a ballet class and it takes place in the present because they have modern things. Ellen Tebbits has a secret that will ruin her life if people from her school find out. She finds out that the new girl, Austine Allen, is hiding the same secret. They become the best  of friends and Ellen doesn’t feel that embarrassed about her secret. But when Ellen does something that Austine cannot forgive her for, she stops talking to her! It becomes really hard to say sorry to Austine and Ellen doesn’t know what to do.

20131021213542!Cover_of_Ellen_TebbitsI enjoyed this book. my favorite part is when Ellen finds Austine hiding in the broom closet because she doesn’t want anyone to see that she has the secret and they both find out they have the same secret. I would rate this book three stars *** because I liked it, but I didn’t love it. It isn’t my favorite ether. I recommend this book to people who like secretive books because of their secret.


The Mouse and the Motorcycle, by Beverley Cleary


The Mouse and the Motorcycle is about a charming mouse named Ralph who lives in a hotel and a little boy named Keith who become friends over a toy motorcycle in the hotel in California. This peaceful story, toward the end transforms into an exciting adventure. an exciting part of the book is when Keith gives Ralph motorcycle. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes silly stories about friends who are an animal and a human. I liked this book and I hope you do too. I give this story five stars.