Fantastic Family Whipple, by Matthew Ward

The fantastic family Whipple is written by Matthew Ward.

This book’s main character is Arthur Whipple, whose 11 years old. His parents are Charles and Elisa Whipple. Charles is always very hard on Arthur and gives him a rough time about breaking a record because everybody in Arthur’s family has broken a record so far, except for Arthur. Even though he has not broken a record yet, he has more to be ashamed of, according to his father. But his father Charles is not motivating him at all. Arthur, you are a shame in our family. We are too loyal, you are just no good for any of us.” But his siblings say that’s not true.

All of the Whipple children: Henry, Simon, Cordelia, Penelope, Edward, Charlotte, Lenora, Franklin, Abigail, Beatrice, George and Ivy are all born on the same day, march 1st, except for Arthur, whose birthday is one day before, on february 29th, only every 4 years. But at the birthday party they meet someone who will change their lives…

This is a thick book, which has 368 pages and a lot of details. Look at this book and go on there fantastic family fine trip! From the Whipple family.

I rate this book 3 stars because I got spoilers and I knew what was going to happen next. ***


Fantastic family whipple, by Matthew Ward

The fantastic family Whipple is about a family that breaks records, in fact everybody in their family broke a record except for Arthur Whipple, the person who has not broken a record. Arthur’s dad is too hard on Arthur and thats why he wants to break a record, to get his dad off his chest.

I rate this book 3 stars because sometimes it just is really boring. ***


The Real Boy by, Anne Ursu

The Real Boy was a awesome book it had a lot of fantasy mixed in with some magic spells and battles.


The book is about a boy named Oscar who is working for a master magician named Caleb. Caleb leaves to go to the continent a meeting I guese  and leaves Oscar in charge. Oscar does not know how to communicate because he has lived in the cellar for all his life making potions and collecting herbs so he has trouble running the shop. After a while kids start getting sick. Oscar starts freaking out because it is a magic town and they are not suppose to be sick. Will Oscar cure them and save the town or will he fail at saving the kids and the whole Barrow.


This book was a great book I loved it. Some parts were sad and I wanted to cry but sometimes I would be on my tippy toes because it was exciting

My favorite part was when Oscar did not know how to speak to the towns people and it was funny because he was kind of weird at that part.


I would rate this book 1 million stars out of 5. It was great in and out when I closed the book I felt like I was going to cry.

I would recommend this for kids who are into fantasy and magic and monsters and battles.images

Secrets of Shakespeare’s Grave by Deron R. Hicks.

This book is called Secrets of Shakespeare’s grave by Deren R Hicks. The main characters are Julian and Colophon. The Secrets Of Shakespeare’s Grave is about a girl named Colophon. Her dad owns a big business called Leterford and Sons. One day everything goes wrong with the company (buildings burn). One day in her house in manchester she overhears a conversation that would be a spoiler. On thanksgiving her cousin Julian shows her a painting that supposedly leads to the family treasure.  One day Colophon figures out the clue and it leads to shakespeare’s grave. The setting is manchester, New York City, London, and Stratford Avron. My favorite part is when Mull and Case are being chased by dogs.

I would recommend this book to people who like books with mystery and adventure. I say that because it has mystery and adventure.I would rate this book five out of five stars because it kept me on my toes and was really good. I enjoyed this book a lot, some people might not because the beginning is kind of slow.

The Austere Academy by Lemony Snicket

200px-Austere_academyI read Lemony Snicket’s 5th book from the series of Unfortunate Events called Austere Academy . It continues the story of Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire who are still up against the evil Count Olaf who has been trying to get their fortune for a very long time now! This story takes place in a boarding school. This is where the siblings meet another pair of orphans [as they are orphans themselves]. The other orphans are twins, a boy and a girl. They also had their parents die in a fire and also have there own little fortune of their own.

Also Count Olaf seems to follow them everywhere they go and that is why they are sent to the boarding school so that the man in charge of them Mr.Poe, can find a good home for them. But while at the boarding school Count Olaf still finds them and their new friends disappear with Count Olaf. Anyway  the boarding school is a terrible place because of so many reasons. One reason is that Sunny has to make staples all day.  And I must tell you that she is only one one-years-old. “Debo” is something that she says in the book which means “Why in the world would I have to make staples?!!?”

I really liked this book because it was an adventure and mystery book. I would recommend this book to 4th graders because I think that they would understand it the most.It is a bit complicated because you have to remember a lot of little details to help figure out the mystery. Well 4th grader and up would like this book. I would give this book 5  stars because it is a really good book!!

The School For The Good And Evil, by Soman Chainani

16248113This book is about two girls who go to fairytail school. Sophie a girl with blond hair and silky skin goes to the school for evil. Agatha a girl that prefers to stay alone has a lot of dark thoughts and she has dark black hair that is short down to her shoulders she goes to the school for good. The 2 girls think that the school master a man that chooses the kids from different places made the wrong choice. First Sophie thinks that she should go to the school for good and Agatha wants to go home. Second the girls are friends, and if you are friends with somebody in the other school they send you home.

My favorite part is when Agatha turns into a cockroach and helps Sophie cheat in school. I like that part because it’s fun to think of cheating in school.

“Sophie had waited all her life to be kidnapped “ that is half a sentence from page 1 the first half a sentence, I like the half a sentence because this is the sentence that pulled me into the book.

This book has 488 pages so you might want to see how much time you have to read the book. This book is for people who like fantasy. I would give this book 4***** stares because it was a great book and and the way it is told and the idea of the story is great.

Mallory on the move by Laurie Friedman


Mallory On The Move is a book about a girl named Mallory who has to move away from her lifelong BFF. When she moves she will have to make new friends with new people she is not so happy about that. She meets a boy whose name is Joey and Mallory likes that she has a friend. Mallory and Joey love the street that they live on because the street that they live on is called Wish Pond Road. Wish Pond Road has a wish pond.


Mallorys BFF Mary-Ann comes to visits Mallory and she is not expecting Joey to be friends with Mallory. “How about we all play,” Said Mary-Ann. That is a good idea to her, but most groups of three don’t work if they all play. Bad decision. Read the book to find out what happens next so I don’t spoil the ending.


This book is a really good book because there are 14 books in the series so you can read them all. The names of them are  Mallory on the Move,  Back to School Mallory, Mallory vs. Max, Happy Birthday Mallory, In Business with Mallory, Heart to Heart with Mallory, Mallory on Board, Honestly Mallory, Campfire Mallory, Step Fourth Mallory,  Red White & True Blue Mallory, Happy New Year Mallory, Mallory Goes Green and Mallory in the Spotlight. ( they are in the order to read them.) I rate this book 4⅔. If you are 8-12 This book is good for you.