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Saturday, December 8th, 2012

Latinas’ Possible Selves

The American Association of University Women wrote, ¡Si, Se Puede! Yes, We Can: Latinas in School. They talk about the importance of supporting the possible selves of young Latinas in order that they see, through social interactions with peers, school, family, and the media, that individuals can cultivate beliefs about Latinas’ imagined selves in the world.

I was proud to hear Latinas encouraging themselves to live authentic lives without apology. Youth shared the power they have to embrace their various cultures, debunk stereotypes, serve as role models to younger Latinas and, from one of our LREI students, address the internalized racism in order to grow our collective power!

The woman in the photo below is my dear friend, mentor, and the person who fills my well, Zeny Muslin. She retired after 40+ years as an educator, and still found it within her heart to attend PoCC and give back to the younger generations. While we were discussing the power we have as Latinas, she paused and said to our small group, “I don’t think I have a lot of power.” This got raised eye brows and chuckles from those in the group and a young Irish/Puerto Rican man, who was attending PoCC for the 1st time commented on how the group stopped to make room for her when she entered and immediately saw the respect the entire room afforded her when she spoke. He said, “You do have power,” to which Zeny stood up and hugged him.

Sometimes, we need others to help us see what power we have within.


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