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Saturday, December 6th, 2008

So many new faces!

I walk down the long, long, very long halls of the convention center and greet people I have known for many years. These friendly and familiar faces belong to the educators I have meet over the past 19 years. I ask for the Bendicion (a blessing from God) from my elders in the Latina/o Affinity group, kiss and hug the folks I haven’t seen since PoCC in Boston, Seattle, or Dallas, and then take a moment to look around for more of my friends.

Instead, I am struck by the sea of new faces at this year’s conference. There is that momentary pause as I think, “Do I know this smile? Have I heard this voice? Do I know this person?” I meet and greet the people with the “1st Year” tags on and I am reminded of my first conference so many years ago. The people who approached me and welcomed me into their conversations, circles, after dinner trips around an unfamiliar city, are some of my closest friends and esteemed colleagues.

To all you 1st years, Thank You. Thank you for painting the canvas with your smile and enriching our experiences with your presence.

To my PoCC “Mamas y Papas,” gracias. Your shoulders have carried me along for 19 years and I am ready to take on my share of the load while I care for and welcome the next generation of educators.

Can you tell how much Sir Sidney inspired me?

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