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Sunday, November 29th, 2009

Welcome to the NAIS People of Color Conference

I have just returned home from a weekend in the Catskill Mountains and let me tell you folks, those mountains are not easy to move. However, I did manage to relocate a few rocks and fallen leaves. As I watched the water around change direction I knew my small impact on this even smaller part of these mountains was about to have a domino affect. The water began to pick up speed as other rocks and leaves were pushed out of the way. While on this walk I spoke with my partner about life, work, my two children, personal growth and self preservation. This internal mining also has a domino effect in my life. It starts with the rocks of frustration I move out of the way and the fallen spirit I need to shift in order for me to see the clear water ahead gathering strength and making a difference.

My friends and colleagues, people of color and white people, adults and students, allies in the struggle for social justice for everyone, are you ready to Move Mountains and Mine Within? Are you ready to lift the rock that keeps you from seeing and hearing other people’s reality? Are you ready to lean into the discomfort of that stubborn and immoveable mountain in order to gather some strength from the waters that will fill your well?  Are you ready to accept the charge laid out for us by the PoCC and SDLC co-chairs to navigate these rapids of change?

I am!

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