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Thursday, February 28th, 2013

Guest Blogger, Crissy Caceres

Sandra (Chap) Chapman from LREI leads one of the many Speed-Innovation table conversations.  Her table’s focus – Micro-What?  The New Face of Racism in Our School is Called Microaggressions

The design of this session mimics speed-dating for professional/intellectual sharings.  There are over twenty sessions happening simultaneously in a one hour period. Clock counts down for 15 minutes as several adults sit at each table discussing a particular topic of interest led by an expert guide. Much dialogue has ensued. The participants seem to be immersed in the conversations, benefiting from the impromptu nature of their dialogue. What do you think about this model for professional engagement and development?  Do you think that it has applicability in your school community?  Would it be possible for you to establish such a sharing as a partnership with another school?

One participant states at her table, “I never thought about it that way.   It’s true what they say about multiple minds being better than any one.”  Independent School educators and leaders seeking to innovate through the cultivation of shared ideas for the purpose of greater good is having a tremendous impact.  Without a doubt, everyone has walked away with a fuller and heavier backpack.  The question remains, what do you now do with all of this innovative thinking?  Go innovate!

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