Good-bye Pat

Revolutionaries are dreamers,

risk takers,

lacking in resources.                                                                         Why, then, be a revolutionary, Pat? Break it down even more.  Help me understand your passion, and take from your well, and hear your reasons why it should matter to me to be a revolutionary at my school.

Revolutionaries create new kinds of government

use “tipping point” leadership

and talk the talk along with their walk.                                              How, then, Pat, can I be a revolutionary leader? Tell more stories, inspire great thinking and support me in my journey towards revolutionary leadership.

Revolutionaries change the course of the rivers,

use their power and don’t give up,

and recognize how dangerous and deadly the path will be.                   When, then, will the revolution begin, Pat, because I’m ready and so are the kids?

 Thank you, Pat, for all that you have done for NAIS and for inspiring the “capacity for wonder.”



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