Dork Diaries~Tales from a not so fabulous life! By Rachel Renee Russell!


My book is called Dork Diaries and it is by Rachel Renee Russell.The main character’s name is Nikki, she is in middle school. Nikki has just moved to a new school and has a locker right next to the most popular girl in school. If you get on the bad side of the most popular girl in school Mackenzie Hollister you’re dead meat! She is trying to change  from being unpopular to popular. The book is based in the USA, mostly at the mall, in her school and at parties.


One important event that happened was that she is going to a new school and she got a present because it was a new school and she got something to make her feel better about moving. She had wanted a cell phone for a while. Guess what her mom got her, a diary!!  No one writes in a diary any more! Another important event is that she wants a phone so badly so she goes on ebay and buys a phone for 12.99. She spread the word in her school that she got an awesome new phone. Then two of the most popular girls came up to her and started talking and asked her to sit at lunch with them, then Nikki’s phone rang and it didn’t stop… She opened the door to her locker and all the people in the hall saw her new phone… a cheap pay phone was in her locker!!!


She makes some new friends! She found them because she signed up for shelving library books. She met these girls named Chloe and Zoe.


Nikki is really nice and shy. But when the mean girl gets into the conversation, whoa things go in a whole new direction. Once her and the mean girl were in a fight and Nikki said, “Cry me a river of tears, Build a bridge and get over it!” I think this quote is important because is says that Nikki trying to stand up for her self.


I loved the book! I loved it because There are so many twists and turns. One example of a twists and turn is when she meets her BFF’s. Nikki  was so lonely before and that is why it is surprising. Another twist and turn is when she has to take her sister to see The Nutcracker. I don’t think that was in the first book, though. The last reason why I loved it is because when she is in the library with her BFF’s she always goes on the library phone and calls random people and says stuff on the phone to them.


I’d recommend this book to people who like Diary Of A Wimpy Kid. Just be prepared it is a little different. I would recommend it to those people because They both write in a diary and there is a lot of drama. I think this book is 4 stars.


Bridge To Terabithia By Katherine Paterson



My book is called Bridge To Terabithia by Katherine Paterson. The main characters are named Jessie (he is a boy) and Leslie (she is a girl). Jessie is ambitious. He has ambition to be the fastest boy in his grade. Leslie is imaginative. She invented this amazing land called Terabithia. The setting is in a small town in Virginia.


     Leslie is new in town, and as I mentioned, Jessie wants to be the fastest runner in the 5th grade. The first day Leslie is at school she joins the boys for a race. First the boys thought it was wrong for Leslie to be playing with them, because she was a girl but then the boys gave in. When Jessie and Leslie  raced they were both competing for first but Leslie was faster. She won. Jessie was mad but he got over it.


When they become friends they built this magical place called Terabithia. That is where the adventure begins! When she was coming up with the idea for Terabithia Leslie said, “We need a place just for us. It would be so secret that we would never tell anyone in the world about it.”


I loved the book because it was sad and surprising. I can’t tell you why it was sad and surprising without giving away the entire story. I can tell you that the author did a good job building up to the sad moment. I would recommend this book to a person who likes books about friendship. I would rate this book 1,000,000,000 stars if I could but since I have to I will rate it 5 stars.*****


Finally by Wendy Mass



by Wendy Mass


My book is called Finally by Wendy Mass. The main character is named Rory. She is 11 years old and it is about her and all the things she does when she turns 12. Rory is shy because she does not have the nerve to talk to people. She is also very brave. She is brave because of all the things that happen to her in the story. She lives in Willow Falls.


Rory has some major problems. So she has wanted to do some things all of her life, like get her ears pierced, and get a pet. Well those things don’t turn out so well.. You might think, “Oh getting a pet won’t be so hard, right?” Well, not according to Rory. Like when she was getting her ears pierced the lady said the earrings were hypoallergenic, but no, since you find out that she has a lot of reactions. The reaction is that her ear puffs up like a baby elephant.


I liked the book because it was funny. There were a lot of funny parts, including all of the times where something bad happens to her. Like when she gets her bunny, he is evil. An example of when Rory’s bunny is bad is when the bunny tries to kill her.   I would recommend this book to someone who likes books that are funny and mysterious. I would rate this book 4 ½ stars.

Time Squared By Julia DeVillers And Jennifer Roy



My book is called Times Squared by Julia DeVillers and Jennifer Roy. It is about two girls. Their names are Paylon and Emma. They are identical twins but are nothing alike. Emma is smart and is in the mathlets. Payton loves fashion.  She will do anything for a nice dress and she is in the drama club.


Drama club gets to go to NYC to see an off Broadway play and the mathlets get to go to NYC for a competition, and that is where the adventure begins! My favorite part is when the twins go to the off broadway show and embarrass their enemy.


I would recommend this book to someone who likes drama and humor. An example of it being funny is when in the hotel they chase two twin brothers in a revolving door. An example of how it has drama is their enemy has these really dramatic acting videos.  I would rate this book 4 ½ of 5 stars. It is one of the best books I’ve ever read!




The Lighting Thief by Rick Riordan

The Lightning Thief

by Rick Riordan

My book is called the The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan. It is the first of the Percy Jackson books.


The book is about Percy and his discovery that he is a half-blood, which means that he has a mortal mother but a god as a father. His mom died when they were fighting a monster. Before his mom died she told him to go over the hill called Half-blood Hill and find the strawberry farm and go to the house there you will find safety. That is what Percy did. When he got there he finds out his dad is Poseidon, the god of the sea!


My favorite part is when they are at the waterbed store and Percy’s best friends are tied up. He rescues them by using his sword that is also a ballpoint pen.


I would rate this book 5 stars because it really drags you into the story. I would recommend this book to a person who likes Harry Potter because it is full of amazing adventures. This book really is a great book!

THIS BOOK IS NOT GOOD FOR YOU! By Pseudonymous Bosch


My book is called: This Book Is Not Good For You! By Pseudonymous Bosch. It is part of a series. The first book is called : The Name Of This Book Is Secret. The second book is called: If You Are Reading To Late. The fourth book is called: This isn’t  What it Looks Like. There is a fifth book.

The main characters are Cassandra, Cass for short, Max-Ernest (By the way that is one name) and Yoji, Yo Yoji is what  his friends call him. The setting is all over the place because it is an adventure/mysteries book. The bad people are called The Masters Of The Midnight Sun.The two main bad people are called Ms. Mavuis and Dr.L. You find out in the first book that they look like they are 20 but they are really 200. The club that Cass is in is called The Terces. That is secret backwards because they are protecting a secret that the reader dose not Know about.


I would recommend this book to someone who likes mystery and adventure. I would rate this book 5 stars out of 5. *****.