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Liv For Books
By Liv Reis
Defiance by C.J. Redwine
Rachel Adam’s life is undone when her father is declared dead, vanished in the Wasteland and her protection is assigned to Logan, the man she revealed her love for two years ago and was turned down. Logan McEntire came from poverty and earned an apprenticeship from Rachel’s father, Jared, who is now presumed dead. Logan’s mother was killed in the streets by the tyrant of Baalboden, Commander Chase. Logan wants revenge, but his biggest priority is now protecting Rachel. Not that Rachel needs protection, she has been trained by her father and is one of the only women in the city ho knows how to fight. Every woman in Baalboden has a Protector until she is Claimed, and then it is transferred to her husband. Logan has a particularly hard time because Rachel wants to find her Dad in the Wasteland. He agrees to help her find her Dad and they journey together through the Wasteland, fighting a monster that cannot be killed. As they continue to encounter him they begin to think “can the creature be controlled?” This book’s twists will excite and intrigue even the most seasoned readers, and the heartbreaking love story will captivate all young adults reading this outstanding novel.