LREI Thank You card

Dear Judy,

Hope you are well and healthy. Thanks for organizing this wonderful project! Alex wrote a card to a healthcare worker so I put it on your template. Hope this works!


On Fri, May 15, 2020 at 8:01 AM Judy Lambek <jlambek> wrote:

HI Lydia and Mark,I hope you are well and managing in these unusual times.

In his response to a Wellness Pause last week, Alex talked of making a thank you card, possibly for someone in the community. If he did so using the LREI thank you template and if you have a copy of the card, could you send a photo of it to me? Chap and I would like to collect copies of all the cards as part of the LREI Thank You service learning project.

Please thank Alex for caring, whether or not he ended up making a card.