7th Grade Cultures in Contact Museum Sign-Up


7th Grade Cultures in Contact Museum Sign-Up

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We would like to invite you to visit our Culture in Contact Museum on Wednesday, December 18th. Please sign up on the attached document.
Thank you!
Suzanne, Elizabeth, and Rohan

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Seventh Grade Cultures in Contact Museum

Our museum focuses on the three ethnic groups present in Virginia in the early 1600s.

Students chose a research topic and conducted research through the lens of each ethnic group, with a special focus on gender and social class.

POWHATANS: The indigenous people in the Chesapeake Bay area at the time were the Powhatans. They were woodland Indians, who spoke Algonquian.

KONGOLESE: The first 20 Africans in Virginia (and the 13 colonies in general) were from the Kongo Kingdom. This area is primarily current-day Angola and Democratic Republic of the Congo. “Angola” is the name that the Portuguese colonizers used; we use the original name out of respect for the indigenous people. Three of the better-known kingdoms were the Kongo, Luba, and Lunda Kingdoms.

ENGLISH COLONISTS: In 1607, 105 English men came by ship hoping to find gold, better lives, and to expand their influence.