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At LREI, we seek to design for learning that is purposeful, connected to the larger world, and oriented towards action. We seek to cross boundaries and build bridges between the disciplines. We endeavor to see the world from multiple perspectives and to understand  more deeply our own perspective as it grows out of our individual and collective experiences. 


We believe that at its core learning is about connections. These connections are to be discovered, nurtured and extended. They exist both in the world of ideas and between the people engaged in this most important work. As a community, we understand the value of stewardship and the cultivation of progress grounded in shared values. We know that no one person can bear the full burden of this work. So we “share the well.” 


The Wellspring is an invitation to bring the expertise, passion and inspiration that flows through our community into the design of learning experience for LREI students. It is one way that we seek to better align the living that takes place in school with the living that takes place in the spaces beyond the schoolhouse. It is an invitation to help narrow that distance as we endeavor to “take students out of the classroom and into the world — and bring the world into the classroom.” By sharing the well, we create the conditions for creativity, collaboration and consequence.


To that end, we invite all community members to contribute to this “well” so that teachers can more easily “invite you in” and create “journeys out” to learn with and from you. It is worth stating clearly that we believe that all members of the community have something important to contribute to the learning at LREI. This expertise may draw on both formal and informal preparation and is grounded in a deep respect for the dignity of labor that calls on many to work with their hands as well as with their heads. It draws on the wisdom that comes from experience, and the intersections of our many identities that reach into our past and present.


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