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Seeking a fierce, and strong Reader

If you’re okay with a book that will make you shiver from both the gore and freezing cold that we’re endlessly stuck in, we might be good together. Though don’t worry I will make sure you’re never cold, and give you all my portions of food, which isn’t a lot, I also will make sure you have the best part of our half plane to sleep in every night, (we still don’t know where the other part is though we have an idea), and I will sleep right next to you to keep you warm. You will need to know that if you like to travel to far places we may not work, because I’m not sure I can ever step foot on a plane again, and if I will ever see anything again besides snow. For our romantic dinner, we will have a stunning scenery of endless glittering mountains, and skies so blue they feel surreal, like the situation we’re stuck in. We will have an odd tasting meat, but don’t worry you will get use to it.. You will be my motivation to survive everyday, and even if it takes forever to be saved, at least we’ll be together, and I will do everything in my power to make sure we survive. After we are saved we will be, and if you are willing move to a warm place, with no snow, perhaps Florida that would be wonderful. If you are brave, strong, and by any chance know how to fix a broken radio, we will be perfect for each other. If you think this is yourself please contact the airforce to find me, so we can finally meet.