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I wake up on Christmas morning and walk down stairs. There in front of me is no Christmas tree but an empty menorah. I turn on my Christmas pandora channel and start singing along to “Santa Claus is Comin to Town.” I look at my leftover wrappers and presents from chanukah, which was a week before. I then turn to the kitchen counter and see the gingerbread house in a box. My brother, sister and I all tear open the box and look at how to make the gingerbread house on the side of the package. Of course we can’t get it to stand up and so we just eat all the candy that is supposed to go on the top. After we make our “gingerbread house,” my family gets together and we take a walk, which is sometimes in the snow. None of the stores are open so we just throw snowballs at each other and walk around the empty streets that don’t feel empty because we are together. Then we go to the mall to sit on santa’s lap and when I sit on his he asks me what I want for christmas, I tell him I’m Jewish and he goes, “Me to kid.” Then we walk home my mom makes us all homemade hot chocolate and we sit around the scrabble board and play until we don’t feel like playing anymore. Then we all get in one bed and watch a christmas movie and feel the joy of the holidays. While everyone thinks that because you are a Jew you don’t celebrate christmas you actually can, but just in a different way.