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Divergent- ages 13+

Veronica Roth bring teens Divergent! The novel of a dystopian city where their phrase, “faction before blood” is taken very seriously.

Beatrice is Abnegation. The selfless and generous. She finds that she just can’t reach that altruism needed for Abnegation, then during her aptitude test to see what her faction she should be, her results turn up inconclusive also known as Divergent. Divergent are thought of as rebels, though no one knows why, and at the Choosing Ceremony, Beatrice transfers to Dauntless. On arriving at the Dauntless compound she realizes her life will never be as easy as it was in Abnegation again. Beatrice changes her name to Tris and gets a few tattoos. To pass initiation Tris must fire a gun for the first time and learn physical combat. Tris makes some pretty powerful enemies of a few of the other transfer, but makes many friends. Both transfers and Dauntless born, and Four, her mysterious training instructor is closer to her previous life in Abnegation than it may seem. The Erudite, Abnegations rivals have a conspiracy that will reform the entire society.