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Recreating an actual historical event, the first robbery of a moving train, this film proves a classic. Based on the novel by the director, Michael Crichton, the movie is very dedicated to the book. Almost too dedicated to the book. The plot moves a little bit slowly, so it does not provide the thrills of a modern day caper film.

This movie stars Sean Connery as Pierce, the primary conspirator and master safecracker, Donald Sutherland as Agar, the pickpocket and screwsman, and Lesley-Anne Down as Miriam, Pierce’s girlfriend and informant. Sean Connery is excellent in this movie, one of his better roles actually. Donald Sutherland is also great as Agar, he is funny and plays the role perfectly.

The movie runs in chapters, mostly because Crichton is too proud of his book to change it, but that doesn’t really make a difference, the story is still told in a convincing way. I thoroughly enjoyed the film and would heartily recommend it to patient viewers who enjoy a crime thriller that has you rooting for the bad guy. I wouldn’t say edge of your seat, but you’ll be pretty close.