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Food Block

by Julia Meltzer

A Salty Pimp from the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop

New York, New York


Calling all New Yorkers, what is your favorite food block?  Here at the news committee’s headquarters, we love E 7th street between Avenue A and 1st Avenue. Below are just a few fabulous restaurants on that very street.


Caracas- A small Arepa bar just off of 1st avenue.  With both a takeout bar and a restaurant, this bar has traditional Venezuelan Arepas. From roasted leeks to beans, jalapeños, and melting cheese.  Hop into this delicious restaurant and peer into the Venezuelan world of food.

Recommendation: La Mulata with a side of Tajadas


Porchetta- Small restaurant halfway down 7th street that sells roasted pork. Accompanied by roasted potatoes, sautéed greens and black beans, the simple Italian pork is a perfect flavor.  Eat your pork in a sandwich or as its own plate!  Feel the Central Italian heritage of Eastern New York City!

Recommendation: Porchetta, half sandwich with a side of beans.


The Big Gay Ice-Cream Shop- This small chain of ice cream started as a food truck, it’s progressed to a shop just off Avenue A and then recently opened another shop on 7th avenue.  Delicious ice cream with fabulously fancy and original toppings.  Try a specialty cone, make your own cone, buy a popsicle, or buy an ice cream sandwich.  Recommendation: Salty Pimp


Butter Lane- This adorable cupcake shop is right next to the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop. What a pair!  These cupcakes have a delectable buttery frosting with a choice of chocolate, vanilla, or banana cake.  Choose one of their classic favors or a seasonal, changing flavor of icing.

Recommendation: Chocolate sea salt frosting on a chocolate cake.


For more information or other recommendations, talk to Julia Meltzer or Malaika Tapper: students who live on this block.