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Extremist Vladimir Radchenko has created a rebellion in Russia, in which a nuclear missile silo was captured. The United States sends the USS Alabama to stop Radchenko in case he gets the launch codes. Aboard this ship is Captain Ramsey, and his XO, Lieutenant Commander Hunter. These men have very different methods of command, and this shows through in the movie.

Starring Denzel Washington as Hunter, and Gene Hackman as Ramsey, this movie was very well cast, with all of the actors convincingly playing their parts. I think that the music, sets, and very small characters did a great job of setting the scene, making jokes to each other, and, surprisingly, only a little music, and mostly the same song.

I would recommend this to anyone who likes an action/intrigue movie, as there is not so much action, of course, as the movie takes place in a submarine. This movie is rated R, so be advised, but altogether great movie. Five Swords Up!