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My First Guild Meeting
I am in the medicine guild. The first thing we did was make two posters one poster was what we already knew and the other Poster was what we wanted to now. After that we chose what topics we wanted to talk about. I researched leeches, surgery, Guy de (More)
Humanities 3rd Quarter
A few thing that we learned this year in humanities were medieval Europe, medieval Arabia, the plague and the spread of Islam. These are important to learn about because you need to know about your past to be able to function in the future. (More)
Medicine Guild First Meeting
On Wednesday we had our first guild meetings. I'm in the medicine guild. Julia is our guildmaster. We researched a lot and found out some information we wanted to know that we didn't already know. I researched about barber surgeons and non herbal cur (More)
First guild meeting
Yesterday we met up with our guilds for the first time. I'm in the cartographers guild, which means we can map different parts of the world. It was really fun because we weren't just sitting there drawing maps, we got to play games, act, research, ta (More)
Guild Project
In guilds I have been working on a decorative shield that I carved by hand with paintings and designs. The overall project took around a month. It was a very tedious overall project because I had to keep on redoing and touching up again and again. I (More)
Yesterday was guild night, so we\'re finished now. My character was Elizabeth Scotts, and I was a baker. We had a profile that people could read. I owned a bakery with my sister Susan and our cousin Madison. My guild set up in the Library and we all (More)
Guild monologue
  During our guild classes and drama classes we were working on monologues for our character. I think It helped with getting ourselves into our character because the monologue told us basically what to do and who we were in the medieval a (More)
Since we are studying the middle ages, we have guilds. Guilds are groups of professions (from the middle ages) where we can learn about that topic. I\'m in the Butcher, Baker and Candlestick Maker guild. So far, we have made embroidery, knitting, gro (More)

One Response to “Getting Started!”

  1. Mark Silberberg Says:

    On the main timeline page can we swap the text with the highlights link? This would make the link to the highlights more obvious and the text really contextualizes the sublinks. Keep the highlights red. Maybe the text against a gray.

    Possible for there to be some kind of video running in the background of the main page instead of an image?

  2. Chap Says:

    I like the themes that will come to the community throughout the year – keeping some content away so folks don’t get overwhelmed but also enticing folks to be ready for what’s to come.

    In that same way, the fact that each of the items on a timeline will have enough details that yo can read off of the text of that timeline or click to read or see more.

  3. Kobi Says:

    Header: Has there already been consideration for the call out in the header? Perhaps “LREI 100” or “100 years of LREI” instead of We Are LREI?

    Return to Timeline instead of Back to List

    Half tone images along the background of the timeline should be consistent and not fade to solid grey color.

    Are “Highlights” select pieces of content that introduce each decade? Or is it an aggregate of all content? I think the tags that filter in content in different ways is ideal so a way to punctuate it would be make the highlights be the former to encourage searching and poking around.

    Icons along the center line should change to reflect the respective tag filters: 4C’s Icons, Number’s for, Chronology, Select Themes for each of the chosen themes.
    You may want to implement background images shown to reflects the tag filters as well.

  4. Kobi Says:

    Portal page
    Fonts perhaps should match the headers – perhaps sans serif, not serif?
    Call to action: More iconography (less text)introducing icon treatments for comments made above.These can be clean lined icons or perhaps icons that feel handwritten?
    i.e. Next to “Explore the Centennial Timeline” in the red box it should be an icon that calls viewers to click. Ideas: “Click” “Play” “Explore”
    Since the site is dynamic, maybe the icon calling viewers to click it, pulses?

    The main page favors the portal page so much it almost feels like nothing happened when you go from one page to the next. It’s also copy heavy. Can we streamline with icons with fewer words?

  5. Kobi Says:

    HEADER: As users hover over the tabs can we highlight with contrasting color?

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