Book Week is Here!

It’s the librarians’ favorite week!  Book Week!  In the Lower School, we will be celebrating by welcoming several authors and illustrators into our classrooms!

Monday December 9 – Christina Louise (in Beth and Jen’s 4s), Gina Goldmann (in Elizabeth and Alston’s Ks), Tony Eastman (in Gina and Melanie’s 1st), and Ai-Ling Louie (in Bill and Ali’s 2nd)

Tuesday December 10 – Lotta Nieminen (in Luise and Pascale’s Ks), Susan Verde (in Ariane and Rachel’s 1st), Dave Roman (in Deborah and Jake’s 4th)

Wednesday December 11 – Randall de Seve (in Sarah and Anna’s 1st)

Thursday December 12 – William Wegman (in Diane and Dan’s 4s), Tiphanie Yanique (in Jessie and Triana’s 3rd), Tommy Greenwald (in Dan and Megan’s 4th)

Friday December 13 – Jill Kastner (in Victoria and Kate’s 2nd), Lori Campbell (in Elaine and Ella’s 3rd)

And don’t forget to stop by the book fair on Wednesday afternoon, all day Thursday and Friday!

Annual Public Library Plea

It is sad to say, but each year at this time, the three public library systems of NYC need our help. New York Public Library, Brooklyn Public Library, and Queens Borough Public Library are all facing cuts to the tune of between 32 million and 47 million dollars. What is the impact? Besides cutting qualified staff, these cuts would mean a diminishing of hours, cuts to wifi, storytimes, computer classes, job search programs and cultural programs.
We are lucky at LREI to have 2 great library spaces with degreed librarians to help our students. Many NYC kids are not so lucky, and use the public library as their main source of books and homework help.
All 3 systems have places on their webpages to write to our elected officials to let them know that cutting public library funds cuts the quality of life for all New Yorkers. You can follow the links if you feel that libraries are important and that their budgets should not be cut.

New York Public Library
Brooklyn Public Library
Queens Borough Public Library

Also, one of the best ways to support the public libraries is to USE them. We are so lucky to have 3 amazing library systems within our 5 boroughs. If your child does not already have a card, go to the library and get one. And make stopping in to your local branch a weekly event. Get to know your local children’s librarian. They are a wealth of knowledge about children’s literature, literacy, as well as a great source of book recommendations.

Support New York’s public libraries today!

Screen Free Week is Coming!

As Phil mentioned in his blog post, Screen Free Week is coming. Conceptually this seems much harder than the old TV Turn off Week that some of us remember from back in the day.
I have been talking about this with professional friends on mine, and while so many of advocate for families to drop everything and read, we do need to acknowledge the fact that nowadays, much of our reading is done on screen instead of on page.   So many things about our everyday lives come to us over media.  Zite aggregates my news for me and I read the headlines on my commute.  My PLN has grown through twitter, and library professionals help each other 140 characters by 140 characters everyday.  I teach my students how to find and evaluate information, how to be a good digital citizen, and how to find books using screens.
Can I go screen free?
Maybe not professionally, but I am going to give it a try personally.  My main reason is to provide an example for my daughters, and my students.  Just as modeling reading for pleasure is essential to raising readers, I do think modeling screen free time is important for our children.
Please visit this video from RandomHouse featuring some prominent Children’s Book artists and authors talking about the importance of screen free time.

Keep On Reading!

As we head into 2 fantastic weeks of spring break, don’t forget to take some books along for the ride. Whether you are off on a vacation, or curled up at home, enjoy this less scheduled time with some books. If you need suggestions, head on into the library and ask one of our friendly librarians! If you don’t get the chance to do this, you can get some ideas from the following online sources!

Notable Books for Children
Bank Street Children’s Books of the Year
NYPL’s Booklists for Kids

Happy Break!

There Goes Book Week!

Another successful Book Week has been put to rest. Big thanks to all of the wonderful authors and illustrators who visited us, to the amazing Literary Committee for putting everything in place, and to the parent volunteers who made everything run so smoothly. Our students are so lucky to be able to participate in such a rich and dynamic week every year.

Book Week is Coming!

Here in the library, LREI’s annual Book Week is one of our favorite times of the year. We welcome authors and illustrators into every Lower School classroom. It’s always an exciting time and this year is no exception.

On Monday December 10th we are happy to host Roxie Munro, Gina Goldmann, P.D Eastman, Geoffrey Hayes, Ai-Ling Louie, and Melanie Hope Greenburg. On Tuesday we will be seeing Randall de Seve, Carin Berger, Bonnie Bryant Hiller, C. Alexander London, and Michael Hearst. On Wednesday, we will be welcoming Marthe Joceyln.

Book Week culminates with our Annual Literary Evening for adults featuring A.M Homes, Alice Eve Cohen, Rajesh Parameswaran, Martha Southgate, Sung J. Woo.

Don’t forget the book sale will also be happening during Book Week on Wednesday after school, and Thursday and Friday all day.

Overdue Notices in the Lower School

Periodically (about once per month) the librarians run overdue notices and distribute them to students. If your child has a classroom hanging pockets, the notice will be placed there. If your child has a cubbie, or shelf, the librarians will give the notices to the teachers to hand to the child.

These are simply reminders for your family to return overdue materials to the library. There are no fines involved. If you have lost a book, please come and speak with one of us, and we will work it out!

Also, computers aren’t perfect! Sometimes there are errors with the notices. If there is an error, please let us know and we will make sure it is rectified.

We will be running overdues the last week of the month. If you ever have any questions about your child’s library record, please drop by.

Sheila Turnage Visit!

The Fourth Grade is super excited to be hosting Sheila Turnage, author of THREE TIMES LUCKY, tomorrow! We have been reading aloud in library, and just got to the juicy part of the mystery! Our students are excited to talk to Sheila about her craft and about writing mysteries in particular. As of today, students have predictions about 5 different characters who could possibly be guilty!

We will be sure to post some photos of this exciting visit!