Yummy Taste, Zero Waste – first grade snack stand/store

Dear Colleagues,

Would you or your class like to be served a midday snack that is crafted with love and minimal waste? Then join us next week for YUMMY TASTE, ZERO WASTE!*

The first graders have hand-crafted upcycled and sustainable-minded items to sell for actual dollars (another fundraiser for local organizations that help our community). They’ve made beads out of old magazines, turned old, broken crayons into exciting new ones, made their own toothpaste and laundry detergent (with no plastic packaging), and heaps of stuffies created from the remnants of the tshirts turned tote bags they made a few weeks ago.

The snack stand will be open for their fellow Lower School students during the school day (“sold” for a specially-created currency that will be delivered to you this week), allowing everyone to see the items for sale (and hopefully come back in the morning with their grown-ups).

Classroom teachers – If you’d like to join us, please sign up here. Even if your class will not be able to join us, we would love 5 minutes of your time to announce the store. If we’d be able to come into your room for a quick presentation, please let us know the best time here.

Those without a classroom – We’d love to share our news with you. You can send us a separate email with the best 5 minute slot of time. We’d also love to have you snack with us. Let us know when you’d like to come.

Thank you so much! and please let us know if this doesn’t make sense.

sarah + Elif