Lower School Art Show, February 20-21

Dear LREI Community,

You are cordially invited to the💥Lower School Art Show🎆 in the Bleecker Street auditorium on Thursday, February 20 and Friday, February 21. There will be an opening for children, parents, caregivers and guests on February 20 from 8:15-8:45.

The ❇Lower School Art Show🎆 is a chance to share with the LREI community, the art and shop work of our children from the Fours to the Fourth Grade.

This year’s show looks exciting. Look for collages, drawings of families and friends, self-portraits, 3-d paper mâché puppets and animals, paper mâché flora and fauna of Manahatta during the time of the Lenape people, carved wooden spoons, models of wooden chests carried by immigrants to America and models in paper mâché of people who immigrated to America in the 20th and 21th century.

Lower school classes will be visiting throughout the day of Thursday, February 20 to view their art and shop work, to appreciate each other’s work and to share their unique ideas with each other.

The❇Lower School Art Show💥 celebrates our students.


Best wishes,
Sarah Mostow, First Grade Art Teacher
Peggy Resnick, Lower School Shop Teacher
Ann Schaumburger, Second-Fourth Grade Art Teacher