Anthony Ray Hinton Comes from EJI on Call with Death Penalty SJ Group!

Anthony Ray Hinton was wrongly imprisoned and on death row in solitary confinement for 30 years before Bryan Stevenson took on his case and freed him. He speaks all over the country with Bryan Stevenson.

So, the Death Penalty Group was on the call — their second one– with Equal Justice Initiative — when the lawyer with whom they were speaking said that he had a surprise for them–and in walked Anthony Ray Hinton! He is also author of The Sun Does Shine, which the boys read over winter break, an amazing, harrowing and ultimately uplifting book about his 30 years on death row.

They were totally stunned to see him and pulled themselves together and talked with him. He asked them what they got from his book and they all answered readily. He told them he answers all the letters he gets and for them to write to him and also he wants to come to LREI and to visit our school and take the boys to lunch! They were literally screaming and jumping for joy.

Sarah and Momii

What a great experience for them! I think that the jumping up and down and screaming is their version of saying, “Oh my God, these people are real, you can speak with them, you can be involved, IT WORKS!” Thank you, Sarah and Momii, for making this possible.