Book Bundles are back!

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I just sent the book bundle form to our students, but actually you all are my best customers! So if you are ready for more tailored picks, please fill this out and I’ll happily pick you out a new pile of books.

Sooner is always better — get your response in before I give all the books to the kids! — and I’l have these ready to go before break. I have lots of shiny new books, but you all have also done a lot of reading, so make sure you let me know what you’ve been reading and whether there’s anything you want to get your hands on.

See you in the library!


Book Bundles: Personalized Library Picks
Personal shopping for library books! And it’s FREE! What could be better?

All you need to do is fill out this form with your reading and pop culture preferences and we’ll put together a bag of books selected just for you! You’ll be able to look through the books and take what you want. The average bundle will be 3-5 books; if you want more please mention it in the last section of the form.

Winter Break Book Bundles will be available the week of 12/16 (Exam week).

Come and see me if you have any other questions, otherwise I’ll see you in the library!