MS Halloween Sleepover-Adult Participants-MORE INFO!!

Welcome Back!!
I hope everyone has been able to catch up on their sleep! Our big Halloween Sleepover is Friday night!! Most of you have completed this form, if you have not had an opportunity, please get it done this afternoon. We need as many hands as possible. Everyone does not have to spend the night but I could use at least 1 more person (who hasn’t already said they could) to stay.

Here is some information for costuming…

This is a murder mystery!! Someone will DIE (faked of course), and the kids will try to figure out the who and why? The title of the production is Zombie Cannibal Asylum. We will not play actual characters as we did last time. So you can choose your own theme. We will be hiding in strategic places to add ambience to the scavenger hunt portion of the evening. Maybe black is a good color to wear.

It all begins with a large dinner (I will check in during the week to take your order) and a few games which will include the entire 8th grade. The boys will leave at 8, when act 2 of the murder mystery will begin.

As you can see there are many moving parts and it will be fun!!

We will begin setting up after school Friday!
Thank you Dan for all the work you have already done!!
Thank you to everyone for helping make this the event of the year!!

Fill out the form:


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