Religions Class: site visits within LREI

Hello colleagues!

I hope you are well, and happily Thursdaying, whatever good thing that means for you.

I have asked my 11th and 12th grade history students to conduct a brief site visit to some space in the LREI community in the next week. They are starting with a community value, and observing a space to understand how that value is practiced and what tension (if any) it creates. This is a first step in preparing them to enter into a religious space in an observing mode, to connect the values of that tradition with its manifestation in a worship space.

We have discussed both classroom and non-classroom spaces as potential sites. I directed them to clear anything that would impact a class with their teacher first, and to do so by Friday. If it arises, I have told them to graciously accept your refusal without any need for justification, since there are abundant opportunities for this practice without affecting their work or yours. I’ve informed them that the first principle of this form of study is respect for the needs of their potential subject — so saying no would be a learning opportunity for them as well!

If you have any questions, I would be happy to discuss the project with you (enthusiastically, exhaustively, with both hands waving) in person. In the meantime, thank you for supporting my students in this effort!

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