Runaway Founder Interview

By Nissim Hershkovits

Last week I had the chance to sit down with Runaway founder, senior Jagger Walk, and ask him some questions about the brand. If you haven’t seen Jagger’s signature navy blue hoodies around the school over the past couple of months, you should open your eyes. Check out the interview below to find out more about his inspirations, process, and goals.

Knightly News: What made you start Runaway?

Jagger Walk: I wanted to create a clothing brand since I was 12, and in the last six months, I have made it a goal to create high-quality clothing that my friends and I would want to wear.

KN: How many designs do you have?

JW: I have created over 200 different designs, and I’ve only used one so far. I’m gonna use another soon for the next drop and six more in the spring. I create all of them in school.

KN: Do you create all the designs by yourself?

JW: I have done all the designs by myself; I am too stubborn to work with anyone else.

KN: How did you finance the first round of clothing?

JW: The financing is all from money I’ve made working, selling shoes, and selling streetwear. I wanted to finance it by myself so I wouldn’t be spending a lot of money on something I wasn’t passionate about.

KN: What started your general passion for clothing?

JW: Growing up in NYC, I’ve been surrounded by streetwear, and I’ve been able to see it turn into a mainstream phenomenon. So just being able to see that happen and flourish inspired me to translate my own creativity into clothing.

KN: How does it feel to see people wearing Runaway around the school?

JW: I only really get to see it in school since I’m here all day. I think it’s very cool, and I’m very appreciative that people supported it, because if they didn’t, I’d be in debt. They’re endorsing the creativity.

KN: How did you decide on the collective?

JW: I was surrounded by my creative friends, and they were just doing in-school projects, so I thought, “why can’t we do this outside of school and potentially gain recognition?” Essentially, I wanted to form a group of creative kids to create stuff to show to a wider audience, and then the Runaway clothing would sell more through the recognition.

KN: Where do you see Runaway going in the future?

JW: At first, the goal was just to make a hoodie for myself that I could wear, but then I decided to turn it into a brand. Every day, what I want Runaway to be changes. Who knows? I might end it tomorrow; I’m gonna stop doing it when it’s not fun for me anymore.

KN: What is your goal with the company?

JW: My goal is to make art, endorse other people’s art, and give people a platform to share what they’re making.

You can view Runaway’s instagram here.

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