All About The LREI Lunch!

By: Miles Friedman, Marlowe Glass and Elijah Harris

There are many great lunches that come out of the LREI kitchen, but there are definitely some favorites among the student body. Some of the most popular meals include tacos, beef stroganoff, and pizza. The main reason people love Taco Day is because you get to choose what you want in your taco. Wriley in the 11th grade put it bluntly: “I like taco day because of the guacamole.” One could say guacamole is seen as a treasured topping on taco day. This is clearly evident through the amount of guacamole left over, none. People also love taco day because of the perfect combination of all the topics: sour cream, guacamole, cheese, and pico de gallo.

Another one of the favorite lunches, specifically in the 9th grade, is beef stroganoff. People love beef stroganoff because the mix of the egg noodles and the beef sauce is perfect. Harvey in the 9th grade said, “The ratio of egg noodle to beef is perfect.” When describing the texture of the beef, Harvey also said, “remarkable.”  

The last lunch that came up in our survey was the classic LREI pizza, though everyone loves pizza for different reasons. For example, many people said they love pizza lunch because it is pizza. However, an interesting answer we got was from Freddie of the 9th grade, “I love the buffalo chicken pizza because the balance between the buffalo chicken and pizza makes a great combination of tastes.”

From our interviews, we found that most people think that taco day is the best lunch day.


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