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Just say NO.

We are from Vonick & Rachel’s 3rd grade and we want to tell you how to stop sexist messages.

Sexist messages are bad! Help us stop sexist messages by not doing these things:

  • If somebody says, “You can’t like pink because you are a boy!” Say “NO!”
  • If somebody says, “You must like engineering because you are a boy.”  Say “NO!”
  • If somebody says, “You are a boy so you must play sports and video-games and you are a girl so you can’t play sports or video-games.” Say “NO!”
  • If somebody says, “You are a girl so you must be good in class and very smart.” Say “NO!” Unless you want to be.

Don’t listen to what people say about following sexist messages.

Just say NO to them.

It will help the world

-Julian M. & Julien R.

Good-bye, back too you Ruth

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