Don’t listen to hidden gender messages

You can find messages about gender in magazines, on TV, sometimes in newspapers, and in sports. Some people may think that some messages that are specifically for a boy or girl can be for both. Some boys have at home specific things for their gender, and vice versa for girls, and that’s ok too. It’s ok if a boy uses something that girls usually use because it can also be for the opposite gender.

Our project is about how hidden gender messages can hurt people’s feelings. We decided to let people know that all genders are equal and that no gender couldn’t do what another gender could do. These are our messages in different languages.

English: Girls can do what boys do and boys can do what girls do. No matter what people say follow your dreams.

français: Les garçons peuvent faire ce que font les filles et les filles peuvent faire ce que les garçons. Peu importe ce que les gens disent suivre vos rêves.

日本人: 女の子は、男の子がやることを、できます。そして、男の子は、女の子がやることを、できます。

普通话: 女孩可以做男孩可以做什么,可以做男孩女孩可以做什么。

Español: las chicas pueden hacer lo que los niños pueden hacer y los niños pueden hacer lo que pueden hacer las niñas.

Written by Eli, Elijah, Gus, Io, Marlowe, Emma, Margaret, Johnny, and Harvey

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