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History of Hip Hop
Project by: Mason Rosse (10th Grade) Project Advisor: Nick Wight Student(s)'s Advisor(s): Daniel Li Description of the Project: Hip Hop was started and grown by producers, they were necessary to the development of the genre. In the beginning, th (More)
Jazz Improvisation Exploration
Project by: Marlo Hulnick (10th Grade) Project Advisor: Mr. D. Student(s)'s Advisor(s): Kelly Description of the Project: This project is a continuation of the last two trimesters, and I am building on the skills I've learned throughout this (More)
Rock Band Songwriting (Quarantine Edition!)
Project by: Jack Trowbridge (11th Grade), Luc Dunlop (11th Grade), Zander Lu (11th Grade) Project Advisor: Nick Wight Student(s)'s Advisor(s): Ann Carroll, Kara Luce, Preethi Thomas-McKnight Description of the Project: For the past two months (More)
La Demostración de mi Hipótesis
Mi hipótesis fue: Los movimientos culturales y artísticos de la ciudad de Nueva York crecen a partir de la influencia de su contexto (era, vecindario), y terminan impactando ese mismo contexto. Entonces, ¿era verdad? En mi opinión, lo era. Los (More)
CR #6
My senior project experience has come to end. Although, technically I am still working on my project. In my mind, senior project isn’t over until the night of the presentation.  This experience, although didn’t go as planned due to quarantine, r (More)
CR #1
What is the process of writing a song like for a beginner? I know that to write something I am proud of would be to write something meaningful to me. That means diving deeper into experiences and just things in general that bring me inspiration or (More)
CR #2
What is the process of writing a song like for a beginner? Because of quarantine, I’ve been at home speaking french 24/7with my family and speaking absolutely no english has gotten me tongue tied. As I was doing this simple exercise in creative wr (More)
Blog post #8
After many hours of trying to figure out how I wanted to form my song, making each section a separate song or have them all be one, and I have concurred my greatest challenge throughout this project; the tempo and the drums syncing. I had to do a lot (More)
CR #5
My essential question was how can music reflect an emotion and what I’ve discovered is that each piece of music may be centered around one specific emotion but it reflects many more emotions than just one! It is almost impossible to only portray one (More)
CR #4
This week, I made a lot of progress. Yesterday I spent 4 hours working on my project. I met with a friend of mines’ sibling who works with logic constantly. He helped me work out a few kinks. Unfortunately, I’m still having an incredible amount of tr (More)
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One Response to “Getting Started!”

  1. Mark Silberberg Says:

    On the main timeline page can we swap the text with the highlights link? This would make the link to the highlights more obvious and the text really contextualizes the sublinks. Keep the highlights red. Maybe the text against a gray.

    Possible for there to be some kind of video running in the background of the main page instead of an image?

  2. Chap Says:

    I like the themes that will come to the community throughout the year – keeping some content away so folks don’t get overwhelmed but also enticing folks to be ready for what’s to come.

    In that same way, the fact that each of the items on a timeline will have enough details that yo can read off of the text of that timeline or click to read or see more.

  3. Kobi Says:

    Header: Has there already been consideration for the call out in the header? Perhaps “LREI 100” or “100 years of LREI” instead of We Are LREI?

    Return to Timeline instead of Back to List

    Half tone images along the background of the timeline should be consistent and not fade to solid grey color.

    Are “Highlights” select pieces of content that introduce each decade? Or is it an aggregate of all content? I think the tags that filter in content in different ways is ideal so a way to punctuate it would be make the highlights be the former to encourage searching and poking around.

    Icons along the center line should change to reflect the respective tag filters: 4C’s Icons, Number’s for, Chronology, Select Themes for each of the chosen themes.
    You may want to implement background images shown to reflects the tag filters as well.

  4. Kobi Says:

    Portal page
    Fonts perhaps should match the headers – perhaps sans serif, not serif?
    Call to action: More iconography (less text)introducing icon treatments for comments made above.These can be clean lined icons or perhaps icons that feel handwritten?
    i.e. Next to “Explore the Centennial Timeline” in the red box it should be an icon that calls viewers to click. Ideas: “Click” “Play” “Explore”
    Since the site is dynamic, maybe the icon calling viewers to click it, pulses?

    The main page favors the portal page so much it almost feels like nothing happened when you go from one page to the next. It’s also copy heavy. Can we streamline with icons with fewer words?

  5. Kobi Says:

    HEADER: As users hover over the tabs can we highlight with contrasting color?

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