2017-2018 Learning Values

This year I am focusing on discussion and listening. The reason I chose this is because I think it is important that I participate as much as I can in class so I can learn as much as possible.  In math, I am participating well and I think it is paying off because I am learning a lot. I am In humanities, I need to participate a little more so I will understand matters better. I can raise my hand or contribute in another form. In science, I try to increase my participation since the beginning of the year so I remember all the vocab.

So far I think that I am doing well on my goal. Nothing really changed that much, but I feel I have been doing a lot better in science and Mandarin. I feel I know a lot more about the topic and that I am more prepared for future tests. In math, I think it is the same as before and I am still learning about the topic. In humanities, I think I that I am doing a lot better because I am participating more than I used to.

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