Alon Math Game for Math Night

This was my math game for math night in fourth grade.

Take the Math Crown

The game is designed for 2-4 players

Goal: To earn 400 points and get the math crown.


  1.  First each player chooses one character.


  1. Put the characters on start.


  1. Put the questions on the guardians.

Starting The game


  1.  Each player rolls 1 die. Whoever gets the highest goes first. If there’s a tie, then those players keep rolling until one gets higher, that player goes before the other player.


  1. Roll both dice, go that many squares until you reach your square, then answer the math equation.

Check your answer if it’s correct (can also be done on a calculator). If you get it right, you get that many points and you write your points down.

  1. Once you finish the first level (outer circle), you need to go to the guardian



  1.  When you land on a Guardian, you must answer all 3 questions correctly to earn 100 points.
  2. you need to do the same on the 2nd gurdian.

3. On the third guardian, if correct (and also you have at least 400 points), you get to the crown, which means you win.

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