Shabanu Blog Post: What To Wear To Your Sister’s Wedding

My sister’s wedding is coming up and I am trying to come up with what to wear. I am thinking about asking Dadi to buy me this embroidered silver shahtoosh I saw at the market. It is very beautiful. After all, he did sell Guluband yesterday. In my opinion Guluband is worth a thousand shahtooshes. If he refuses to buy me that I will either ask Mama to make me something pretty or I will wear my regular black chador. I may even try to make my own outfit. I am very happy for my sister and I want to look good for her. I better make my clothes look professional. Oh, how I can’t wait for the henna ceremony. Her skin will look even more beautiful with turmeric rubbed in. I will miss her when she moves in with Hamir. My clothes will look spot on so that she will see how happy I am for her. If I find sewing my outfit is too hard, I will ask Dadi to take me back to the market where I saw the shahtoosh in the first place. Maybe I will be able to find a cheaper alternative… Yes! I will do just that! Right after I am done writing this I will ask him to take me to the market to find the perfect outfit for Phulan’s wedding! This is a general idea of what I will want to wear.


(Trimmed around shoulders)



Isn’t it lovely? I hope Phulan and Hamir live happily together and have a bunch of sons.


This is me.


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  1. 22emmah

    Shabanu, if you would like, I can make you something. “Phulan and Mama and leave us to go through Phulans old jewelry and new clothes” -page 82 If you would like I can make something from Phulans old clothing, and you can wear some of her jewelry.

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