Arabian Nights’s Revised Story

Revision is rewriting, taking out unnecessary sentences, and changing your story for the better. Some authors write a piece and look back at it in a month and take things out and put new things in that they may not have noticed when they were writing it before. This is because in a month you have new experiences, you become more creative and more intelligent. So it is kind of like you are looking at your piece through a different lens. That is what I believe revision is.

When I was originally writing my piece, I was silly with it. I wasn’t really trying. A week later Julia gave us feedback on our piece and told us to revise it. First I read over it and I knew that I could write way better now then before. Then I revised my piece based on Julia’s feedback. And guess what I did after that? I revised my piece based on my thoughts. This is the product of that.

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