I recently saw the movie Avengers: Infinity War, in theaters with my friends. It was unlike any other movies I have seen before, because there was no story arc. It just kept on getting worse, and worse, and even worse, until it ended. Half of the universe got disintegrated, including many of the avengers, and the entire movie was them trying, and failing, to stop Thanos(the main villain) from getting the tool to be able to do so. The characters can’t be dead for long, because there are already movies dedicated for them set to come out this/next year. The question is, how will they come back?

I finished series of unfortunate events, and kept on going watching TWD

I have been watching TWD for two years so far. I am fully caught up and have been loving the second half of season eight. I just recently finished season two of the Netflix show, Series Of Unfortunates Events. I loved the satire humor that the entire cast projected from their acting. I love TWD because of it’s culture and the ridiculous amount of character development and commitment to producing the TV show.

Official China Trip Reflection

My favorite part of the China trip was visiting the Great Wall. The wall is very long and windy, and the surrounding scenery looks impressive alongside it. I learned that the great wall of China is half of the length of the equator. I tried the toboggan on the way down. I learned that the toboggan wasn’t as crazy and downhill as I expected. I experienced walking on the wall for a tiny amount. I learned that it is very fatiguing and hard to walk on because of the unevenness of the terrain and the bricks. American Chinese food is so much worse than authentic Chinese food, which in my opinion tasted delicious.

Mandarin Trip

During spring break I went on a trip to China with my Mandarin class, Xin, Jennifer, and her husband, Phil. I loved the food. It was so good and there were great varieties of flavor. From sweet and sour to tingly spicy. I enjoyed Beijing and Suzhou because of the great wall and majestic gardens. I did not enjoy Shanghai because it felt cramped, and generally felt dirty. I did, however, enjoy the grilled frog that we ate in Shanghai.

I ski instructed a green/blue group.

Last weekend I instructed a green/blue group of kids. There were only two, but I had never taught that high of a level before. I used to only teach magic carpet and never ever skiers, but now I got out of the pit(what the instructors call the bunny hill), and taught on the big mountain. Since we had more instructors than kids, I taught them with my friend, Isabel. We were supposed to have three kids, but one of them did not know how to ski at all, so I brought him to a lower group. We skied greens in the morning, despite Petra and Keenan’s complains to go on Deer Run, a blue trail. Right after lunch, we took the gondola up and took deer run. Keenan is a lot faster than Petra, and this made Petra unhappy. Petra also claimed that she didn’t have to turn, even though she did so willingly the way down. She also kept on saying she was really cold and wanted to see her parents. She whined about this all the way down. I learned later that Keenan said under his breath, I’m getting really sick and tired of hearing her cry. Keep in mind that these kids are 5 and 4 years old. As we got down to the gondola, we decided to split up, I was going to take Petra inside for the rest of the day, and I get to go home early, while Isabel skis with Keenan for the rest of the day, and we split the tip. I sat with Petra for a little bit before I would go, to make sure she wouldn’t want to go out again, but after a little bit, she said that she wanted to go outside again. I sighed, and decided to take her out on one last deer run run, just as long as she doesn’t complain at all. She agreed, we took the gondola up, and slowly made our way down the trail. When we got back Keenan and Isabel were sitting down at the table, waiting for the parents to come in. I sighed, filled out all of the paperwork, and left the cold, rainy mountain. This really tested my patience as a ski instructor and a person.

Fear The Walking Dead Portfolio Post

Recently I have been loving the amc show, Fear The Walking Dead. It is a companion tv show for The Walking Dead. This time, instead of Georgia, the show starts out in Los Angeles. In Fear The Walking Dead, they go all over the place, from Los Angeles, to the Ocean, to Mexico, to Southern California. A large amount of setting switches is a quality that I love in movies and tv shows. You also get to see how the walking dead really took over the world, instead of having Rick(The main character in The Walking Dead), waking up to it. You get to see the whole, slow transition. There are completely new characters, that are arguably more complex and interesting than the onese in the previous show. The way that they shoot the show is fantastic. Every single episode looks like it is out of a high budget blockbuster. It is not as heart wrenchingly gorey and traumatizing as the original show, but the freshness of the environment and how good their core acting is is great.

My art project

Last night I worked on my art project. I took a cute picture of my dog on my bed, and I digitally painted it. I did the whole thing in black and white and I used a really interesting watercolor brush. That night I realized that I too can do digital art, something that I had never really had success with before in my life.

Travel Basketball Loss

This weekend I played travel basketball. My team, Asphalt Green, was 4 and 0. We were undefeated. We had a game against Force, who had a player that dropped 44 points in his high school game. We knew he was a lefty, so we decided to play a box and one zone, where four players would play a zone around the paint, and one player would follow a certain player, this certain player was their best player. Since he was a lefty, Chirod, our coach, told Daniel, our biggest and fastest player, to force him right. We did this during the game but he still kept the game close throughout. To begin the game, they only had four players, so another kid on a different team filled in. They also had two number fifteens and three zeros, so throughout the game, it was very hard for the refs to keep track of personal fouls. The refs were calling everything, so both teams had a ton of fouls. Since our team had our numbers correct, and we had ten fouls total, Daniel fouled out at five fouls. Even though the other team had fifteen team fouls total, and this was at the beginning of the second half. We kept it close throughout, and at the end with a tied score, an exhausted Raymond scored a clutch and one, and missed the free throw. We are now up by three, and we and our coaches are perplexed as to why none of the kids on the other team have fouled out, especially since they kept on fouling since Daniel fouled out. Their best player brought the ball down the court, picked up the ball five feet behind the three point line, threw a pass fake, and drained the deep three. Now there were five seconds left, Raymond through a desperate pass to Eli, who missed it as it flew over his head, went out of bounds, and we lost. Later, Chirod told us that the win counted for us because they had a kid from another team fill in, which is illegal. This was a huge learning experience for us, and we will always remember what an emotional rollercoaster this was for us.

Ski instructing again (CHALLENGE)

This weekend I worked as a ski instructor again. I was on the grind for tips and minimum wage. My friend Julian is trying to teach me park tricks I never learned, such as 360’s, rails, and backflips (which apparently are pretty easy), after work. One day I got a group of 8 four year olds all by myself. The second I helped one up, another one fell. I pretty much babysat them all day, which I learned  that was part of the job sometimes. They were always crying and saying that they missed their mommy or that the snow is too slippery. I got them going on the magic carpet by the end of the day, and I am extremely proud about that. I learned even more skills about teaching (little kids especially) how to ski.

Oliver’s Essay Writing

My essay writing style focuses heavily on the analysis and critical thinking. I have written my essays like this for years. For this essay I focused more on everything else. I feel as if my critical thinking was not as powerful as my best work could be. I think that this is a result of me choosing a theme that is too simplistic for my liking. I would improve this by sharpening up the language that I am using in the essay. For example, my thesis not complex enough to fully represent what I was trying to convey in my essay. The way I wrote my PTI essay was similar to how I normally write my essays. I thought I did a solid job, considering the difficulty of the topic I chose.