China Trip

This spring break, I went to China with Jen, Phil, and Xin. Overall, the China trip was a life changing experience for me. Not only was I able to practice my Mandarin, but I got a deeper understanding for Chinese culture. There were two main highlights of the trip for me. One of them was climbing The Great Wall. Climbing The Great Wall wasn’t only interesting from a tourist perspective because of how well known it was, but it was amazing to hear all of the stories that were told about how the wall was used centuries ago. It was as though walking on it was walking on a piece of history. It was also inspiring writing my name on the board, because it was cool knowing that my name would be there if I ever decided to come back. Another highlight of mine was dancing with the locals. It was interesting to see what they do at night in comparison to what we do, even though it’s pretty similar. Actually being able to interact with locals was one of the times in which I felt most culturally enriched. During the trip, I also tried bargaining for the first time. I learned that bargaining is very hard, and that if I go back again, I will be more prepared. The trip as a whole taught me an endless amount of new vocabulary, and it also taught me that I have a lot more work to do on my Mandarin. Overall, the trip was life changing, and if I ever go again, it surely won’t be the same.

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  1. Momii

    It’s wonderful to hear little tidbits of your trip. I went to China in 1998 and still think about what I learned there. I will also never forget walking on the Great Wall and visiting the Forbidden City. I hope you go back one day.

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