Math Graphs




I noticed that the graph with no lines connecting the dots doesn’t fit in any category. I know that for 2 reasons, one, I know who made it and they said it went with C but that’s false because the first dot is not at 10 meters. The one that’s in purple marker in B doesn’t fit anywhere and all of the ones in C that don’t start at 10 meters don’t go anywhere.

I think that all of the graphs should have lines connecting the dots because the time doesn’t stop in between seconds time is still going so the dots having lines connecting makes sense. So now you can see what’s happening in between.


Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 9.04.08 AM I made my atom  look like this because I didn’t think an atom was just a square or a circle I thought it was all different shapes and sizes. I also thought that atoms are different colors because we’re made up of atoms and different people are different colors. If atoms were all the same color we would only have one color in the world. A challenge I went through was I didn’t know what shape to use so that’s when I decided that I thought that an atom was all different shapes and sizes. Some easy things were that I could change the shapes and sizes and I had freedom of what I could choose as shapes.