Imagine the Future

When you were in lower school, what was something that you were excited about for fifth grade? How do you feel about it now that you’ve done it?

I was excited for dessert during lunch. Now I’m really happy because we get some sugar to power us for the last three hours of the day, because sometimes I get really tired in the afternoon.

What was something about fifth grade that you were a little nervous or worried about? How do you feel about it now?

I was worried about having too much homework. Now I realize that you don’t really get so much homework, so I don’t need to worry.
What is something about which you are still a little nervous or worried? What might you do to feel a little less nervous or worried?

I still feel worried that I won’t get the homework done in time because some days I don’t  have time to do it. I can not feel worried by that by just telling the teacher that I didn’t have time to do it.
What is something that you haven’t done yet in middle school about which you are excited? What are you excited about it?”

I’m excited for 8th grade because we go to Spain.

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