Baseball Team

I am on the varsity baseball team. We have had a really great season so far this year. We are 4 and 1. So far this year when we have won we have blown our opponents out. We even mercy ruled one of the teams we faced because we scored so many runs. It is a lot of fun to play on this team and get to play on a high school team.

World Language Trip

I thought that the Mandarin trip was super fun. I enjoyed diving into a culture that I did not know much about at all. My favorite part of the trip was visiting the school in Suzhou. I thought it was super interesting to see how schools worked in a different country and culture. I thought it was super cool trying all the different foods that China had to offer. I enjoyed Beijing a lot more than Shanghai. My favorite thing about Beijing was how it had so much more history than Shanghai had. It was so interesting learning about the rich history of ancient China. If I were to go back to China I would love to visit the other cities there especially like Hong Kong. All in all I thought it was a wonderful trip and I learned so much along the way.

Social Justice Teach In

This past Wednesday was the social justice teach in. My group was gun control. It was me, Elijah, and Sam in a group. Our teach in went very well. Our first one was a little more difficult then our second one. The kids in our first workshop were not great at speaking in big groups and it made it harder to  have a debate. Despite this we were still able to run the debate and it went really well.

Basketball game yesterday

Yesterday we had a basketball game. Freddie missed so many layups. Although he did have a career high of 6 points. Sam played super well and had 8 points. Altogether the whole team played really well and we got the win. Dwight was not that good so everybody got to play which was super cool.

My fabulous Winter Break

Over winter break I went skiing in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. While I was there there were also tons of other people from LREI as well. Including, Oliver, Tilda, Piper, Stella, Kate, and Olivia. It was tons of fun. We went skiing around the whole mountain carving turns, hoping jumps, and planting poles. Everyday after skiing we would head to my house to watch tv and munch on food.

About The B’nai Bagels

About The B’nai Bagels, by E.L Konigsburg, is about a twelve year- old Jewish boy named Mark. He lives with his mom, dad and his older brother in the suburbs.  Mark is a regular kid who enjoys hanging with his best friend and playing baseball, while trying to stay loyal to his religion.  During this time in his life, Mark is playing little league baseball and preparing to become a man.  The problem is: which one is Mark more committed to, baseball or Hebrew school.

Mark starts little league baseball.  His mom is the manager and his brother is the coach of the team. He feels the stress to be a leader on the team.  He is also dealing with his friend, Hersch, who has moved to the other side of town.  Hersch has found a new friend and Mark feels left out.

Mark is starting to get worried for the Bar Mitzvah.  He has skipped Hebrew classes, without his parent’s permission, to play baseball.  He thinks he can’t sing and feels the least ready among his Hebrew classmates. His brother helps him to prepare for his Bar Mitzvah.

I would rate About The B’nai Bagels three stars out of five.  This book shows how children have similar issues as adults.  I could relate to some of Mark’s issues (even though I am not 12 yet).  Two things I enjoyed about this book are the author’s descriptive words and I play and love baseball also.   I would recommend this book to my friends because they could connect to the story also.