Into to spaceship Earth

My book is about how to be a responsible person on Earth. It will tell you what would happen if you are responsible and what could happen if you are not. I wrote this because I wanted to teach people how to change the world. I also want everyone in the world to live responsibly. I think that that this is important because It can change how people are living. I think that this is important because it teaches you if you don’t do any of these things then it won’t help make the world a better place.


My Ideal Homeroom

For homework in D.Lab we made a model of our homerooms. It did not have to exactly like it but kind of like it. We got to add ideas and explore. We also made a models of our homeroom on tinkercad it was in 3D. In mine I added a lot of color because I feel that a more colorful classroom is a happier one!

Fraction Track

Fraction Track is a game that we played when we were studying fractions. This game teaches you how to deal with percentages and fractions. I feel like this game was leading us to our next unit, percentages and decimals. I don’t only think it is fun but it also helps  you to know  the basics of fraction and decimals. You can use different strategies to play this game. Thank you Emma T for helping me to understand the game and you made it fun too!

MY charity I chose!

I chose ASPCA , which is Georgia’s charity. ASPCA stands for  American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Georgia explained how ASPCA helps abandoned and tortured animals and I support that! I think what the ASPCA is doing is amazing because they don’t only help/support dogs and cats but other animals too! GO ASPCA!