Abarat Book Report

When Candy stumbles upon a strange humanoid creature with horns that hold eight heads, he claims he comes from the Abarat. Another world That’s separated into 25 islands, and each island is based on another hour. But Candy is the first person from Earth, or the Hereafter in Abarat terms, in centuries, so she is the center of attention, and that’s not always good, especially when your in the Abarat and there is a war going on.                            Then there’s the 25 hour, the time out of time, but you’ll learn about that when you read the book.

Flora and Ulysses, Kate Dicamillo

When Floras neighbor, Ms. Tickham gets a vacuum cleaner  known as the “ Ulysses 2000X “ for her birthday, she declares to use it right away, But when this machine goes out of control heading towards an innocent squirrel Floras takes responsibility to nurse the squrrel back to health.

Flora Belle Buckman: Is a cynic… Well that is what she thought till now…

When Flora discovers a heart warming feeling for a squirrel she tries to tell herself that she is a cynic and never to hope but when her only choice is to hope, instead of denying it Flora decided to embrace it.

When Flora is doing her daily comic reading on her desk she looks outside of her window she sees miss tickham and the ulysses 2000X heading towards an innocent squirrel she jumps up to save the day. She runs downstairs and out the door but as she is running she hears the vacuum turn off, it was to late or was it…

I really liked this book because of the words and the plot. I rate this book 5 out of 5 because the discriptive language grabs you and makes you think about this word sounds like Flora. If you liked the sound of this book then make sure to read it.

The Blood Guard By Carter Roy

This summer I read the book, The Blood Guard by Carter Roy. It takes place in Brooklyn, and an anonymous urban/suburban area. The main characters are Evelyn (Ronan) Truelove, Greta, Ronan’s redheaded old classmate and Jack Dawkins, a member of the blood guard and teenaged pickpocket. In the beginning of the book there was a prologue.  Ronan stayed home sick for school. And the house mysteriously got set on fire… He evacuated safely after leaping of the roof of his house. The main problem begins when Ronan gets picked up from his new school (because he moved after his house blew up) by his mom and she told him that his dad got kidnapped and they got chased by the “police”. They actually are not police.



That was a lot of information. Let me get down to the basics. There are 36 Pure human beings who always, every single time do the right thing. If one of them dies, something really bad happens to the world. WWII happened because one of the Pure died. They are the glue that keeps together the world.


By the way, the people who kidnapped Ronan’s nerdy dad were the people who were chasing Ronan’s mom, Bree, and Ronan. Yeah, those people I called “police” are actually agents of a bad guy group called the Bend Sinister. They believe that the world is horrible and they want a new start where they are the only people in the world left and then they can start anew. They are basically terrorists. “HOW IN THE WORLD CAN YOU GET RID OF BILLIONS OF PEOPLE BUT YOU!!!??,” You might be asking yourself. The answer is simple. Assassinate the 36 Pure.


The good guys in this book are, of course, the Blood Guard. They are people who dedicate their lives to protect the Pure. Bree is one of the Blood Guard. And much more characters you discover are too! Throughout the book the Bend Sinister chase Ronan for an unknown reason. There is a lot more, I just don’t want to spoil it. Come on, do yourself a favor and read this fantabulous book. The problem does get resolved,  and I’m talking about almost everything I mentioned. Almost…


(PS, I couldn’t find a quote to say that the problem was resolved.)



Here are my ratings of this awesome book. I enjoyed reading it over a weekend not in 2 hours like I do with some books. I also enjoyed the book because it was medium paced. It does not have many cliffhangers, and you can put it down whenever you want which is not always the case with some books. I would recommend this book to an action adventure and humor reader that has a fair amount of time on his/her hands. I say this because it is not a skinny book but it is not as fat as War and Peace or Moby Dick so you will probably finish it in a few days if you keep at it. I would rate this book four out of five stars.


The Homework Machine By Dan Gutman

I chose to write my book review on a book called The Homework Machine by Dan Gutman. There are four main characters in this book. Brenton and Judy are the smart ones in the class and they are both really shy and unique people. Then Sam and Kelsey are the type of kids who have a lot of friends and don’t get really good grades, though Kelsey at least tries. This story changes settings throughout the book between Brenton’s house and their  5th grade class.

One really important thing is when the author reveals that Sam had a dad in the army who died. The biggest probleimagesm happens in the middle of the book when people start to find out about the homework machine. The reason the homework machine got started is because of Brenton. Brenton invented the homework machine for himself but not to do all his work just a little. Then things got complicated. Judy, Sam and Kelsey started getting suspicious when the teacher gave out homework and Brenton didn’t seem worried. Brenton eventually told them about the homework machine and then they started to use it too. Someone in the group tells the school newspaper about the machine and that pretty much puts an end to a good thing.


I wouldn’t say I loved this book but I didn’t think it was horrible.   I would recommend this book to people who are looking for a book to read when they have nothing to do because it isn’t exactly the book that would have you down on your knees asking for more. I would rate this book 3 out of five stars.


Knightly and Son by Rohan Gavin

imgresMy mom bought me this book when she was in London. It is a mystery novel about a 13 year old boy named Darkus who has a strange fondness for tweed coats. Alan Knightly, his father, is London’s top private detective. He went into a coma four years ago in the middle of a case about a secret criminal organization called The Combination. The Code is a best selling book that may be linked to The Combination that’s making regular people commit crimes. One day a stranger from the Department of the Unexplained arrives with news of his father, and that’s just the beginning…

Darkus’s mother, Jackie, divorced Alan and married Clive Palmer. A very lazy, ugly, and rude man. Clive’s daughter, Matilda (Tilly) is the same age as Darkus and is very good at science. You will find more characters as you read the book.

My favorite part of the book is when Tilly looks from her window and light is shining in a weird way and she finds out it’s Morse Code.  Tilly goes on her computer and translates the light flashes to find out they mean, “S.O.S. Come asap. Darkus. S.O.S. Come asap. Darkus.” I like that part because I thought it was really cool that she figured it out so quickly and that Darkus knew Morse Code. The only thing I didn’t like about the book is that the author would explain one thing for a long time.

I would recommend this book to people who like mysteries because it is about a detective and his son. Secondly, you can read it in a week or two because it’s 330 pages long. Lastly, I would like to say that the whole book is typed in british slang.

I would rate this book out of .

The Name Of This Book Is Secret, by Pseudonymous Bosch

This book is called The Name Of This Book Is Secret, by Pseudonymous Bosch. In this book there are two main characters, one named Cass and one named Max-Ernest. Cass is very different than Max-Ernest. Cass is something called a survivalist. She never leaves home without her backpack. Her backpack has lot of survival stuff in it such as a first aid kit, rope, matches, and things like that. Max-Ernest on the other hand is a kid who never stops talking. Together they are uncovering a mystery of a magician who died in  a fire/maybe “fire”.

The main characters go through many challenges throughout the book, but one of them is two creepy characters. Their names are Mrs. Mauvis and Dr. L. They are a married couple and again they are really creepy. They do lot of things to make Cass and Max-Ernest’s lives a lot harder. A better summery of the plot is in the beginning Cass and Max-Ernest go into the magician’s house and find things out. After that things get complicated. Basically, I don’t want to give any spoilers, but people go missing, characters read things, and finally things get solved. A quote from the book is “I am looking for Toxic Waste.” I like this quote because It pimagesroves that Cass is brave.

I really enjoyed the book because it had the perfect amount of everything. Description, a good use of words and things like that. For example there was a part of the book where the principal got really mad at Cass so the narrator said that was the maddest Cass had ever seen a principal. He/She didn’t go on and on explain how exactly how the principal looked. I also enjoyed the book because it is a really good story in general. It had lots of twists and turns in the plot, but it wasn’t confusing at all. There were also lots of parts where I felt like I was in the story. The author did a really good job of drawing me in. I would recommend this book to someone who likes a good mystery because this book is just a really good mystery. You know? I would give this book a five out of five star rating.

The Outcast by John Flanagan

Hal is a very interesting teenager, his dad died fighting. Hal is an Outcast in Skandia. He has one friend named Stig whose father ran away.

It is about to be brotherband training where the 15-year-old boys train to be real warriors. So on the day the choose there brother bands Hal gets the group with all the outcast and he is there leader.

Hal is a very smart kid and is a day ahead of the other two brother bands already. But when it comes to training it gets harder for them and it gets more and more athletic every day.

Soon comes the part on a boat, Hal made his own boat named the Heron. She is different from other Skandia’s boats. And during one race one boat gets stuck and can’t compete brotherband training.

Any mistake they make they could lose. It difficulties is hard to match but eventually the win. And win brotherband training they are rewarded to protect a special artifact for a night. And the one night they’re there it gets stolen. They leave to get it back. Will the get it back or will the die! Read this awesome series to find out.

I really liked this book it was 5 out of 5 stars and is and is awesome because it grips on you like a claw and makes you want to read more. Read this book if you like adventure books and books by John Flanagan.


Spelling B and The Missing Magic, By Lexi Connor

My book is called Spelling B And the Missing Magic by Lexi Connor. The main characters are a girl named B her best friend George and their substute  teacher mr bishop. B’s main problem is that her whole family has a magic powers and she does not. When B’s class has a spelling bee and the prize are behind the scenes tickets to a concert with a band called the black cats weird things keep happening after B spells a word. then the prize tickets go missing and everyone starts to worry and B needs to find them.


I think without that small little scene where mr bishop says we are having a spelling B is a big but small event because without the spelling b the rest of the more fun events wouldent happen in this book B does make a big desision but I am not going to say because it will spoil the book. At the end B‘s problem gets resolved! “I have to miss spell it, their is no other way. Bye-bye tickets.”   


I loved my book it was fun, funny and magical. A reader who likes a book about mgic and fantasy and realistic ficton tied together in one  would like this book becaure the is B and B’s family who are magical and the rest of it is normal town normal school and a little bit of freindship. I would rate this book 4 & ½ stars!     

The BFG By Roald Dahl

My book review is on THE BFG by Roald Dahl. The book is about a girl named Sophie who meets a giant named the BFG. Sophie is an orphan so she is used to being polite and helpful.  One night the BFG kidnaps Sophie because Sophie sees him. The BFG takes Sophie to giant vill. Giant vill is a place that has a yellow ground and no trees. And then Sophie realizes what giants do for their living…

…They eat children up at night…

So of course Sophie wants to make sure that the other mean giants don’t find out about her.

While the BFG isn’t saving other kids, and since he doesn’t eat  other kids, he catches dreams and he gives the good dreams to kids all over the world. Sophie does not want to stay in the place where there are giants because if they find out about her she will be eaten. “Why can’t I just go back to my old orphanage,” Said Sophie. “You can’t go back there because if you do you will tell everyone and then people will try to find us giants,” Said the BFG.

I liked this book because Sophie isn’t the type of girl that gives up quickly and she is very nice. I would recommend this book to people who like adventure and nonsense words like a snozzcumber or a wrilndgritting type of dream. I would rate this book 5 stars .

Freakling, By Lana Krumweide

Freakling, by Lana Krumwiede, Is about a boy named Taemon. He and his family live in a futuristic religious world that in a place called Deliverance, everyone worships “The Heart Of The Earth”.


The Heart Of The Earth AKA, THOTE, gave everyone in Deliverance telekinesis, which they like to call psi. But, some people in this world have other special additional powers, like clairvoyance, for example, the young lady touched her iphone™ and immediately knew who owned it before her. Basically it is when he/she interacts with an object and immediately knows some random piece of information about it.


That is only one of the special powers. Taemon has one of the others. Priests in the THOTE temple arrest and banish people who have special telekinesis. Can Taemon stay safe? Can he even trust his own brother Yens? Read the book to find out.